Private Equity Portfolio Analytics

Key Operational Performance Metrics at Your Fingertips.

When it comes to the vast and complex data coming from your portfolio companies, a standard approach to private equity business intelligence may not be enough to drive the insights you need to measure, track, and grow your portfolio’s performance.

Advanced analytics and data science solutions for private equity firms can unlock the ability to quickly analyze and visualize complex data sets, resulting in:


  • Increased speed-to-insight for new acquisitions
  • Centralized data and a single source of truth
  • Reliable insights designed to make data-driven decisions and take action
  • Recommendations based on trends in your portfolio companies’ data

Advanced Analytics and Data Science Benefits for Private Equity Firms:

Predictive Analytics

Use your current and historic data from multiple sources to predict and forecast future performance across your portfolio.


Data Discovery

Find deeper insights, hidden correlations, and unexpected trends in your portfolio companies’ data.

Automated Decision-Making

Leverage the power of machine learning and automation to make faster and more accurate decisions.


Data-Driven Testing and Design

Test and explore variables in your portfolio companies’ data to drive better results and innovation.

Machine Learning and AI

Partner with experienced data scientists to enable machine learning and AI solutions to improve your decision-making.

Data Science Enablement

Accelerate ML/AI, advanced analytics, and other business intelligence data science initiatives with our data science enablement team.

Our Work

2nd Watch has helped private equity firms and their portfolio companies to improve the way they track, measure, and drive performance. Read our private equity portfolio analytics success stories to learn more.

Scalable Financial Reporting to Support a Private Equity Roll-Up

2nd Watch helped a private equity firm’s finance team to streamline and scale the financial reporting process to reduce the time and complexity, and improve the accuracy, of their financial roll-up reports.

Modern Data Architecture and Analytics for Roll-Up Reporting

As a private equity firm acquired dealerships across the US, 2nd Watch helped them consolidate data from each location, standardize KPIs, and analyze data with user-friendly dashboards.

Smarter and Faster Investment Decisions

This real estate investing company needed a lead qualification engine that would automatically evaluate properties, enabling them to make smarter and faster real estate investment decisions.

Private Equity Data Strategy Whiteboarding Session

Curious about the time, costs, and efforts of a centralized analytics and reporting solution for your portfolio?

Schedule a no-cost, no obligation private equity whiteboarding session with one of our private equity data consultants.

Data Science and Advanced Analytics Solutions for Private Equity Firms

When approached with a business goal in mind, advanced analytics and data science solutions for private equity firms have the capacity to improve sales and marketing efforts, streamline workflows, improve financial reporting and analysis, and optimize operations across your portfolio companies.

2nd Watch’s private equity consultants work with your team to understand the insights you need from your portfolio companies. We’ll design and implement an advanced analytics strategy to get reporting up and running in as little as two weeks. From planning to technology selection to user adoption, our team’s advanced analytics and data science solutions will help you find data-driven insights for the long haul.