Application Modernization

60-Minute Modernization Evaluation Session.

Legacy applications are hindering your efforts to reduce your time to market, technical debt, and operating costs.

Let 2nd Watch help you take control and meet your cloud transformation objectives.

Current-State Audit

Assess your current architecture, technologies, and processes.

Application Rationalization

Identify which applications to modernize and how best to approach based on business value, technical fit, and total cost of ownership (TCO).

Target-State Modernization Roadmap

Visualize a plan to meet your target-state application goals.

Technology Review

Understand the tools and technologies needed to meet the defined goals of your initiative.

Benefits of an Application Modernization Architecture Review

Our 60-minute Application Modernization evaluation is a quick, focused assessment to help organizations prepare for their upcoming cloud modernization initiatives. Our experts work with your key stakeholders, developers, and operational teams to design a future-state architecture based on your current environment and unique modernization goals.

Whether your vision is as simple as retiring underutilized legacy applications or as complex as refactoring monolithic architecture to microservices to take advantage of cloud-native technologies, knowing the right path is essential for your success. An application modernization evaluation with 2nd Watch will deliver a plan that will help you achieve your goals while understanding the tools, technologies, timeline, and cost to get there.

The application modernization architecture review will include the following:


Examining Your Vision and Goals

Collaborate with stakeholders on your team to understand both the current state and future needs for application modernization.


Analyzing the Current State of Applications and Architecture

Review your existing application architecture and technologies to understand where your organization stands today.


Producing a Gap Analysis

Compare your current application processes with the goals and vision of your future state architecture to identify gaps and make recommendations to fill those gaps.


Establishing Various Technology Options

Discuss our diverse technology partner ecosystem to determine the best technology options for your organization’s anticipated needs.


Proposing Technology Options for Long-Term Success

We’ll propose tools and technology that will serve your short-term and long-term needs, focusing on technologies that will grow with you as your needs and objectives change.


Pinpointing Use Cases

We’ll help you define use cases for application modernization solutions based on your industry, function, and goals, spanning various industries and use cases.

A Tech Stack That
Works for You

Our tech-agnostic approach means we can build a solution with the leading cloud platforms, data management, and analytics technologies. 

Here are some of the technologies our team will use to build the right solution for your organization.

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