Amazon Now Storing 2 Trillion Objects in S3

In his article “Amazon Now Storing 2 Trillion Objects in S3” posted 4/25 in The Schwartz Cloud Report, Jeffrey Schwartz commented on  2nd Watch President, Jeff Aden’s statement about AWS:

“We think Amazon has a three- to four-year headstart on  product depth and pricing and a decade on global infrastructure,” said  Jeff Aden, president of 2nd Watch, a Seattle-based systems  integrator that has deployed 200 core production enterprise systems using AWS. “You’re  talking potentially five to 10 years out until there’s a serious contender.”  While most acknowledge AWS’ lead in the market, some might beg to differ with  the challenge its rivals are facing in catching up.

I [Schwartz] asked Aden if he was exclusively tied to Amazon. He  said he’s cloud-agnostic but AWS rivals have not been able to match the cost  and level of infrastructure 2nd Watch requires to date. Aden said his company spends  an extensive amount of time investigating alternatives, notably the newly  expanded Windows Azure Infrastructure Services, as well as OpenStack-based  services from HP, IBM and Rackspace.

“We continually on Windows Azure and look at it,”  Aden said. “It’s great for the marketplace overall, because competition  leads to better products, but there are certain things that we have to   around security and being able to manage the services before we make  recommendations on how to use it.”

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