6 Cloud Consulting Services Benefit your Organization’s Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud computing is a complex process that requires proper planning and continuous management. Whether you are just getting started with the cloud or have been in the cloud for years, you might find yourself asking questions regarding running your cloud infrastructure. Which cloud provider is best for my organization? Should I have one or more public cloud providers? How will I ensure financial transparency and efficiency in the cloud? To tackle these questions, there are a variety of cloud consulting services that make these challenges much easier to overcome for a successful cloud journey.

cloud consulting benefits

What is cloud consulting?

 For any business, getting expert advice guides operations and efficiency for a business to expand. With the cloud as a relatively newer concept for many businesses, a cloud expert is essential to ensure cloud efficiency.

A cloud consultant is someone who specializes in the cloud and can help answer questions, recommend clients with the right architecture that meets their client’s business needs, and can even maintain the cloud applications for their clients. By engaging in cloud consulting services, any questions you have about the cloud can be answered by an expert so you can ensure you are taking an approach that uses the cloud to its full potential. For example, a cloud consultant can recommend the cloud platform that suites your business needs or recommend a hybrid cloud solution.

Cloud consulting service types 

Cloud consulting services vary from one company to another, and there are different services and cloud solutions for different business needs. Although cloud services may vary depending on who your cloud consultant is, we like to break up our services into six different categories.

  • Cloud Advisory: If you are considering a transition to the cloud, cloud advisory services help answer key questions, define strategy, manage change within your organization, and provide impartial advice for a wide range of organizational, process, and technical issues related to cloud modernization.
  • Cloud Migration: When making a transition to the public cloud, there are many different aspects to consider for a successful migration. A cloud consultant can formulate a holistic migration strategy, whether you are migrating an individual workload or an entire data center.
  • Application Modernization & DevOps: A DevOps transformation provides your company and team members with tools and strategy for modernizing your applications. This can be as simple as helping your organization identify strengths and opportunities through an assessment or can include a fully managed DevOps pipeline with ongoing cultural guidance.
  • Data & Analytics: According to a 2nd Watch survey of 150 enterprises, 57% of organizations do not have the analytics expertise necessary to meet business needs. Data and analytics services transforms your organization to be data driven. If you are just starting out in the cloud or are interested in utilizing data, a cloud consultant can help implement an initial set of analytic processes. If your organization is more mature when it comes to data, a cloud consultant can design, build, or enhance your analytic architecture.
  • Compliance, Security, & Business Continuity: Security should be a top priority at every layer of your cloud environment, yet many businesses do not prioritize the security and compliance required when running a cloud environment. A cloud advisor can provide services that monitor your cloud environment 24/7 so that you do not have to.
  • Cloud Operations & Optimization: Optimization ensures your cloud environments are running as efficiently as possible. Handing that responsibility over to a cloud consulting firm helps your organization maximize the performance and returns of your cloud assets.

What are the benefits of cloud consulting?

 Upfront, the working with a cloud consulting firm may seem costly, but the benefits reaped from working with the right cloud consultant greatly justifies the associated costs. Some of the resulting benefits include:

  • Knowledge: Working with a cloud consultant for will give your organization the advisory needed to confidently go about your cloud adoption and journey.
  • Efficiency: Handing over some of the tasks needed to run your environments to a cloud consultant can reduce your time managing the cloud and increase organizational efficiency to drive business outcomes.
  • Reduced Costs: Cloud experts will set up your cloud infrastructure in the most efficient way possible to save your organization from unnecessary cloud spending. Additionally, hiring a cloud consulting company reduces the need for a fully staffed IT department.
  • Enhanced Security: Managing a public cloud infrastructure requires continuous security and compliance to ensure the safety of your data. Working with a cloud consulting firm allows your infrastructure to be managed 24/7.

Consult with 2nd Watch

Cloud has the potential to revolutionize business, but without guidance, it can prompt some daunting decisions in terms of adoption strategy, platform selection, and cost modeling. At 2nd watch, we have the expert knowledge to advise you on these topics and help you get started with your cloud journey. Beyond our planning phases, our team can help you with the migration, optimization, and transformation of your cloud environment . Contact us to learn more or to take your next steps.

-Tessa Foley, Marketing