In 2014, 2nd Watch announced a new employee con called ‘dream BIG.’ The challenge was all about making our dreams come true.

2nd Watch asked us to consider what was on our bucket list. Have we ever wanted to run with the bulls in Spain? Sail through the Caribbean? Learn how to surf in Hawaii? With this in mind, the employees of 2nd Watch set out to work as teams to craft creative presentations to be entered into this con.

While reviewing the entries, the 2nd Watch Executive team noticed a theme. Quite a few of the submissions highlighted a desire to complete a humanitarian project abroad. After a little bit of thought, it was decided that not one humanitarian project was enough. 2nd Watch Leadership awarded ALL of those with humanitarian dreams the trip of a lifetime.

A group of seven employees total will take part in this year’s ‘dream BIG!’

The first group of four will be departing in April to South Africa to work at Jehovah Jireh Haven Care Center in Alexandria. Our goal is to set up JJH with their first computer lab and install a wifi connection. In addition to setting up the computer lab, we will teach basic computer skills and provide manual labor and supplies to the Center such as de-worming medication, toiletries, stationary and more.


During the 3rd quarter the second group of three employees will be traveling to Guatemala to work with the orphans living at Eagle’s Nest Children’s Home. During our time at the Children’s Home, we will support the mental and spiritual growth of these children through teaching, clean-up, sports and work with missions teams.


2nd Watch is supporting these trips with airfare, accommodation and limited humanitarian aid. However we are asking our coworkers, family and friends to help us raise additional funds to support ongoing work with the orphanages. As of March 24th we have already raised $4000 and a portion of this has paid for the installation of internet, a year’s supply of internet fees and a year’s supply of deworming medication for JJH! We are still collecting donations for both trips. For more information please visit our GoFundMe Page

We will be documenting each trip on this 2nd Watch blog. Please look for updates mid-April as we work with Jehovah Jireh Haven as well as the other adventures South Africa holds.

-Caitlin Collom