Kris and Jeff are at a summit in New York today to unveil the beta version of 2nd Watch’s new cloud billing application, 2W Insight. 2W Insight will allow AWS customers to manage billing and consolidated billing environments in an easy to understand, streamlined manner. It will give customers easy visibility into their AWS bills – no more confusion in deciphering your bills!

2W Insight updates billing costs on a regular schedule, allowing accountants the most accurate billing information of any tool on the market, not just estimates. 2W Insight provides an organization’s management with simple, clean and easy to understand summaries of AWS use. Services are organized into compute, storage and network categories with charges summarized by region, size and VPC. 2W Insight also enables analysts to create more detailed drilldowns of AWS charges, giving them control over how they view and organize thier bill. Users can sort and filter detailed cost and usage information, view instance level details and multiple department costs. The printing feature also allows users to print a PDF summary of bills, delivering easy reporting capabilities.

Are you an AWS Solution Provider? The application will also be available as a platform to manage customer billing. It will generate accurate bills across the consolidated billing set up, enabling solution providers to apply AWS pricing to end consumers in a consumer-friendly format.

We are very excited about the new application and plan to have a production version available in early June.