The last few days have been a whirlwind!  It has been hard to find the time to update you all on what we have accomplished, but it’s a beautiful morning and while the guys are out on a morning hunt with HuntSA, I’m sitting outside taking the opportunity to write this post.  As there are many things to discuss let’s start with Jehovah Jireh Haven Orphan Care Center.

The computer lap is completed!  Ryan and Pete built a table for the children to use while on the computers.  As you can see it’s going to get plenty of use.  Once the table and computers were set up we spoke with students from Rhodes University who will help establish and continue a computer literacy program for the kids.  Many university students said how excited they were for the computers and told us they were going to make a huge impact for these kids.  Afterwards we let in many of the kids from Jehovah Jireh to have a chance at the computers before we left.  They were already into Paint and creating new backgrounds for the computers.  All of us are excited about the opportunity these laptops will bring to the children at Jehovah Jireh.



While Pete and Ryan were busy with the computer lab, JB and I (Caitlin) spent our time with the kiddos and on smaller projects.  JB and his headbands were a complete hit.  He went through all 200 before you could blink!  I was able to do a small project of replacing their broken swings from the jungle gym.  The swings had ropes that were broken and frayed so we decided to use chain to attach some tires back onto the jungle gym.  Now the children have four tire swings and shouldn’t have to worry about them breaking with that chain! All of the children and Jehovah Jireh were beautiful and happy children who love to sing and joke!  JB quickly became known as Big Show everywhere we went.

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When it came time to say goodbye the children all stood in a circle and sang us beautiful songs. They even got me to sing a song goodbye!  It was beautiful and moved Big Show to tears!  I know many of us feel that we will return someday.



While we had to say goodbye to the kids we also had to say goodbye to our hosts in Alexandria at Golf Lodge B&B.  Thank you Jennifer and your family for taking care of all of us.  We then made our way to Addo Elephant park where we got our first experience at African Wildlife.  From there we made our way to Schotia Safaris for an overnight stay.  Schotia was amazing and we got some close encounters of rhinos, elephants, giraffes, and hippos!  The lodging was fantastic and so was the food!  From Schotia we made our way to the HuntSA ranch.  JB and I were given the opportunity to stay one night and try our hand at hunting before we head to Cape Town.  That chance paid off as I got the first hunt and first animal of the hunt!  The meat from the warthog will be donated to the orphanage!  I’ve never been hunting before in my life!  It was quite an experience!11174781_10153273901254701_8676579623087692919_n

From here Ryan and Pete will remain for the next four days for their chance to get a kudu, while JB and I head to Cape town!  More updates to follow.