The third week of re:Invent saw Werner Vogels’ much anticipated keynote, and it was worth the wait.  Dr. Vogels began by doing a little story telling about the location from where he was broadcasting the keynote: A now defunct sugar factory called SugarCity.  From here he was able to set up his next guest speakers, Lea von Bidder, CEO of Ava, and Nicole Yip, Engineering Manager of Direct Shopper Technology for the LEGO Group.  Their driving message, which has been an ongoing theme for the keynote series, was becoming an organization that can transform quickly to changing markets and environments.  This should be an important driver for all organizations given this past year.

I love the storytelling immensely, but let’s be honest here, the new product announcements are what we’re looking for.  This year didn’t fail to deliver.

AWS CloudShell

AWS CloudShell seems really neat, and I can’t wait to give it a try.  CloudShell gives us the ability to utilize a fully AWS enabled shell, launched right from the UI.  From here, we can use all our favorite AWS cli commands _without having to setup any credentials_.  This will give administrators another layer of security, and still allow users the ability to interact with AWS from the command line.

AWS Fault Injection Simulator (coming in 2021)

Ahhhh… Good old chaos!  The announcement of AWS Fault Injection Simulator is a direct result of AWS giving its customers the ability to transform or change to external inputs.  This new tool will allow teams to quickly setup chaos experiments across a swath of AWS resources.  Injecting simulated faults, like API latency, or a server going down helps teams find gaps in their systems so they can properly be addressed.  Don’t be afraid of chaos!

Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus and Amazon Managed Service for Grafana

The popular open source tools Prometheus, a monitoring and alerting system, and Grafana, a visualization platform that works beautifully with Prometheus, allows teams the monitoring, alerting, and _analysis_ every modern organization needs.  Now that there’s a managed offering, teams can get the benefits of the tools without the administration hassle.  You’ll also get scaling, security and redundancy as you’d expect from a managed service.  Monitor everything!

Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab

The final announcement from the keynote was a note about quantum computing, and how this technology has the potential to change, not just computing, but science itself.  Always keeping an eye on the future, Dr. Vogels announced Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab, where you can engage in research that will help you identify possible applications of the technology in your business.  This is an exciting step in the direction of quantum technologies!

The third week of re:Invent was great, and there are a ton of new services and tools coming out of this year’s virtual conference.  2021 is already shaping up to be a cloud computing blast. Check back here next week for a full conference recap and highlights, take a break for the holidays, and come back again in January for our Top AWS Products of 2020 report and our 2021 cloud predictions.

-Craig Monson, Sr Cloud Consultant