A lot of companies have been dipping their toe in the proverbial Cloud waters for some time, looking at ways to help their businesses be more efficient, agile and innovative. There have been a lot of articles published recently about cloud being overhyped, cloud being the new buzzword for everything IT, or about cloud being just a fad. The bottom line is that cloud is enabling a completely new way to conduct business, one that’s not constrained but driven through a completely new business paradigm and should not be overlooked but leveraged, and leveraged immediately.

    • Cyclical Business Demand – We’ve been helping customers architect, build, deploy and manage environments for unpredictable or spikey demand. This has become more prevalent with the proliferation of mobile devices and social media outlets where you never know when the next surge in traffic will come.
    • Datacenter Transformation – Helping customers figure out what can move to the public cloud and what should stay on premise is a typical engagement for us. As the continued migration from on premise technology to cloud computing accelerates, these approaches and best practices are helping customers not just optimize what they have today but also ease the burden of trying to make an all or nothing decision.
    • Financial Optimization – Designing a way to help customers understand their cloud finances and then giving them the ability to create financial models for internal chargebacks and billing can sometimes be overlooked upfront. We’ve developed solutions to help customers do both where customers are seeing significant cost savings.

Checkout some public case studies to see how other companies are taking advantage of the benefits of moving to the cloud.

Yes, I know there’s the questions about risk and security, but the amazing thing is that we’re seeing adoption across market segments, industries and geographies. There’s a great site that outlines security on AWS as an example. The one common denominator is that all of these companies are looking for that edge, the one that’s going to enable them to leapfrog the competition – and the Cloud is the enabler. The question you need to ask yourself is not if you should be leverage the Cloud, but how quickly you can get started…yes believe the hype.

Mike Triolo – General Manager, Eastern US