There is a tremendous amount of buzz right now about Cloud Computing across many different areas of technology and many different industries . It is literally turning the business world on its head, creating opportunities to transform businesses of any size, eliminating traditional barriers of entry. While the promises of Cloud Computing are often highlighted – i.e. Cost Savings, Agility, Going Global, Elasticity, Ability to Innovate Quickly – what I’m finding is that putting pen to paper on the true Economic Advantages is sometimes overlooked. When it really comes down to it there are amazing economic advantages  when you adopt Cloud Computing for your business, and when quantified over time those advantages are compounded. It’s not just the shift from Capital Expense to Operating Expense, which in and of itself can be substantial, but the long term changes to your business will be exponential. For an example of how the cloud can affect your personal business economics, try the TCO Calculator to compare the cost of your current infrastructure to hosting on AWS.

The pace of adoption is truly dizzying across industries and market segments, and the amazing thing is we’ve just scratched the surface.

Amazon is clearly dominating in the Infrastructure Space with AWS while  Microsoft continues to lead in Productivity with their Office 365 offering. Check out the articles here as 2 examples:

-Mike Triolo, General Manager – East