Cloud technology has proven to create many benefits for companies large and small. The agility that is created by using public-cloud resources has allowed companies to act sooner and respond faster to market conditions and changes. The cost savings of running workloads in the cloud has also confirmed that the on-demand, pay-for-what-you-use model is allowing development shops and enterprise IT departments to save money for their organization like we have never seen before. We’ve talked about websites and webhosting in the cloud, but the most widely used and now probably over-looked use case for the public cloud is the ability to implement  cloud resources for /dev, and this couldn’t be more relevant for companies that are looking to change their business with digital marketing.

Digital marketing continues to evolve as companies are looking to leverage technology to enhance their brand, reach new target audiences and nurture the existing customer base. Those customers are using multiple devices, on a host of different platforms; all with the goal of reaching customers in a meaningful way. From email to web apps, to social media and retargeted marketing, there are hundreds of ways to extend your digital marketing efforts, but you want to make sure that it’s done right, timely and cost effectively. The public-cloud gives developers the chance to cultivate new ways of reaching customers on these devices, as well as an inexpensive option for ing the viability of digital marketing campaigns.

Leveraging a public cloud provider like Amazon Web Services (AWS) creates the perfect environments for running development cycles and ing new offerings. Companies like Skytap are creating software that allows development/ teams even more flexibility and efficiencies by allowing companies to create Environments-as-a-Service for enterprises in a compliant and secure manner. Analytic companies like New Relic are allowing us to compile application performance data, as well as perform synthetic transactions within our campaigns so we can grab real-time data on where our customers are going, what are they looking for and answer the question “Is my application effective in reaching our target audience?” Never before have we seen so many tools to empower our development teams to make amazing marketing campaigns with flawless code deployments because of the ability to leverage public-cloud providers’ infrastructure resources that are easy to set up, always available, and flexible enough to any software we like.

Digital marketing has come a long way over the years, but we are about to embark on a new era of technology offerings that allows us to reach our customers and track their behavior in a meaningful way. The concept of a digital business using digital marketing efforts is not something that should be considered only for high-tech firms or flashy start-ups. It should be leveraged by all businesses, from the small regional bank to the large multi-national conglomerate. The ability to accept and implement this strategy will define the new Fortune 500 of tomorrow, and it all starts by creating a culture of innovation and change today.  Download our white paper, The Digital Enterprise: Transforming Business in the Cloud to learn more about Dev/Test in the public cloud.

-Blake Diers, Alliance Manager