Today four 2nd Watchers (Caitlin Collom, JB McGinnis, Pete Irwin, and myself) set out for South Africa’s Eastern Cape on the adventure and experience of a lifetime! The first milepost of our trip will be the Jehova Jireh Haven orphanage (JJH) in Alexandria. We are going to be setting JJH up with their first computer lab (in fact, their first computers of any kind). We will also be getting them set up with Internet connectivity.  We are going to be giving the kids basic computer training, and giving some regular volunteer students from Rhodes University more advanced training so that they will be able to help maintain the technology after we are gone.  In addition to the technology projects we will be working on several facilities improvement and general humanitarian aid projects, as well as getting to know the kiddos and spending some quality time with them. Once we finish up at the orphanage we will start on a deluge of uniquely African experiences including: Addo Elephant refuge, Schotia Safaris, deep sea fishing in the Indian Ocean, bungee jumping from the tallest commercial bungee jump in the world, cage diving with great white sharks, hangin’ with South African penguins at Boulder Beach, Summiting Table Mountain near Cape Town, and some African big game hunting… (to name a few). To quote Dick Vitale… “It’s gonna be awesome baby!”

I’ve never heard of a company (much less worked for one!) that has sponsored such an incredible adventure for a very lucky group of employees to go on. This is a true honor to be a part of. I’m extremely excited for the impact we are making for this orphanage and the amazing things we will see and experience along the way!  2ndWatch is a company unlike any other and I’m blessed to be part of such a great organization, team, and family!

–Ryan Kennedy