ALTR is a cloud native DSaaS platform designed to optimize data consumption governance. In this age of ever-expanding data security challenges, which have only increased with the mass move to remote workforces, data-centric organizations need to easily but securely access data. Enter ALTR: a cloud-native platform delivering Data Security as a Service (DSaaS) and helping companies to optimize data consumption governance.

Not sure you need another tool in your toolkit? We’ll dive into ALTR’s benefits so you can see for yourself how this platform can help you get ahead of the next changes in data security, simplify processes and enterprise collaboration, and maximize your technology capabilities, all while staying in control of your budget.

How Does ALTR Work?

How Does ALTR Work?

With ALTR, you’re able to track data consumption patterns and limit how much data can be consumed. Even better, it’s simple to implement, immediately adds value, and is easily scalable. You’ll be able to see data consumption patterns from day one and optimize your analytics while keeping your data secure.

ALTR delivers security across three key stages:

  • Observe – ALTR’s DSaaS platform offers critical visibility into your organization’s data consumption, including an audit record for each request for data. Observability is especially critical as you determine new levels of operational risk in today’s largely remote world.
  • Detect and Respond – You can use ALTR’s observability to understand typical data consumption for your organization and then determine areas of risk. With that baseline, you’re able to create highly specific data consumption policies. ALTR’s cloud-based policy engine then analyzes data requests to prevent security incidents in real time.
  • Protect – ALTR can tokenize data at its inception to secure data throughout its lifecycle. This ensures adherence to your governance policies. Plus, ALTR’s data consumption reporting can minimize existing compliance scope by assuring auditors that your policies are solid.

What Other Benefits Does ALTR Offer?

ALTR offers various integrations to enhance your data consumption governance:

  • Share data consumption records and security events with your favorite security information and event management (SIEM) software.
  • View securely shared data consumption information in Snowflake.
  • Analyze data consumption patterns in Domo.

ALTR delivers undeniable value through seamless integration with technologies like these, which you may already have in place; paired with the right consultant, the ROI is even more immediate. ALTR may be new to you, but an expert data analytics consulting firm like 2nd Watch is always investigating new technologies and can ease the implementation process. (And if you need more convincing, ALTR was selected as a finalist for Bank Director’s 2020 Best of FinXTech Awards.)

Dedicated consultants can more quickly integrate ALTR into your organization while your staff stays on top of daily operations. Consultants can then put the power in the hands of your business users to run their own reports, analyze data, and make data-driven decisions. Secure in the knowledge your data is protected, you can encourage innovation by granting more access to data when needed.

Here are some additional benefits of ALTR:

1. Data Security Measures: ALTR employs robust data security measures to ensure the protection of sensitive information. The platform utilizes industry-standard encryption techniques to safeguard data both in transit and at rest. Data access controls are implemented to ensure that only authorized personnel can view or modify data. ALTR also offers data masking capabilities to further anonymize sensitive information, limiting exposure to unauthorized individuals. These security measures work together to provide a comprehensive defense against data breaches and unauthorized access.

2. Scalability and Performance: ALTR is designed to handle large-scale data volumes and growing user demands with ease. The platform is built on a cloud-native architecture that leverages scalable infrastructure to accommodate increasing data consumption needs. It utilizes distributed computing and parallel processing techniques to optimize performance, enabling efficient data analysis and processing. ALTR’s scalability ensures that organizations can seamlessly scale their data consumption governance as their data ecosystem expands, without compromising performance or data security.

3. Integration Methods: ALTR offers a variety of integration methods to seamlessly connect with different data systems, APIs, and data pipelines. The platform provides robust APIs and SDKs that enable organizations to integrate ALTR functionalities directly into their existing data infrastructure. ALTR also supports integration with popular data platforms, such as data lakes, data warehouses, and cloud storage solutions. This allows organizations to leverage their existing data systems and workflows while incorporating ALTR’s data consumption governance capabilities into their processes.

4. User Interface and Ease of Use: ALTR features an intuitive and user-friendly interface that simplifies data consumption governance tasks. The platform provides a visually appealing and customizable dashboard that allows users to monitor data consumption patterns, set consumption limits, and configure policies. The user interface offers easy navigation, streamlined workflows, and comprehensive data visualizations to empower users to effectively manage and optimize their data analytics. ALTR’s focus on usability ensures that organizations can quickly adopt the platform and derive value from its features without extensive training or technical expertise.

5. Compliance and Regulations: ALTR supports various compliance frameworks and regulations, enabling organizations to maintain regulatory compliance while optimizing data consumption governance. The platform incorporates features that align with data protection regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and others. ALTR’s data consumption reporting provides comprehensive insights and auditing capabilities, facilitating compliance audits and assuring auditors of policy adherence. By leveraging ALTR, organizations can confidently navigate the complexities of data compliance and ensure their data governance practices align with industry regulations.

As a tech-agnostic company, 2nd Watch helps you find the right tools for your specific needs. Our consultants have a vast range of product expertise to make the most of the technology investments you’ve already made, to implement new solutions to improve your team’s function, and to ultimately help you compete with the companies of tomorrow. Reach out to us directly to find out if ALTR, or another DSaaS platform, could be right for your organization.