Managed Services is the practice of outsourcing day-to-day management responsibilities of cloud infrastructure as a strategic method for improving IT operations and reducing expenses. Managed Services removes the customer’s burden of nuts-and-bolts, undifferentiated work and enables them to focus more on value creating activities that directly impact their core business. In accordance with its expertise in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and enterprise IT operations, 2nd Watch has built a best-in-class Managed Services practice with the following capabilities.

* Escalation Management – Collaboration between MS and professional services on problem resolution.
* Incident Management – Resolution of day-to-day tickets with response times based on severity.
* Problem Management – Root cause analysis and resolution for recurring incidents.

* Alarming Services – CPU utilization, data backup, space availability thresholds, etc.
* Reporting Services – Cost optimization, incidents, SLA, etc.
* System Reliability – 24×7 monitoring at a world-class Network Operations Center (NOC).

* Audit Support – Data pulls, process documents, staff interviews, etc.
* Change Management – Software deployment, patching, ing, etc.
* Service-Level Agreement – Availability and uptime guarantees, including 99.9% and 99.99%.

2nd Watch’s Managed Services practice provides a single support organization for customers running their cloud infrastructure on AWS. Customers benefit from improved IT operations and reduced expenses. Customers also benefit from Managed Services identifying problems before they become critical business issues impacting availability and uptime. Costs generally involve a setup or transition fee and an ongoing, fixed monthly fee making support costs predictable. Shift your focus to valuation creation and let Managed Services do the undifferentiated heavy lifting.

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-Josh Lowry, General Manager West