I spoke with a client today who is a local health care professional who owns his own business and is frustrated by the amount of technology he has to work with and how archaic it is to administer.

He has a typical small business – 5 employees, 10 PCs and Small Business Server to tie everything together.

I spoke with him about the path to Cloud Computing for small business.

As someone in modern Healthcare he relies on many core technology systems to run and manage his business.  Some of these are still semi-hardwired to his physical equipment/space.

We talked about slowly removing workloads form the Server so that some day he doesn’t need it anymore.  Office 365 will be a good start by quickly moving Email and document collaboration off of the server.  Next we will move file storage.  Last but not least we will start to identify applications that can be hosted in the Cloud at a reasonable price and redundancy footprint.

Cloud infrastructure is not a silver bullet but it is a very useful toolbox for the IT professional to solve problems more efficiently that was has typically been available for small businesses.

I am working on a Small Business Server in the Cloud offering so stay tuned for that update.