Jehovah Jireh Haven Care Center

Wow.  How do I even start with the first day we had at Jehovah Jireh Haven Care Center?   It was such an amazing experience.   We had a tour of the JJH facilitie, and there were several moments that I was moved to tears.  These folks do amazing things with what they have, but after the tour I only wished I could help more.  The kids are so fun!   They immediately flock to you and start asking questions about you and your family.  Most of all, they just want to be held and have some affection.

We had the honor  and pleasure of unpacking the donations 2nd Watch brought for JJH.  Everyone was so grateful and happy.  Many mentioned how “it was like Christmas.” We then began setting up the computers and ensured they were in good shape to provide long service with little maintenence required.  We gave several students from Rhodes University enough information to begin providing the JJH  kids instruction to begin successfully operating the computers for education.

In the morning we will be shopping for supplies to fix roofs in two buildings that are leaking and causing mold issues on the ceilings as well as building a nice workstation area for the new computers.  We topped our day off with our wonderful bed and breakfast hosts, Jennifer and Brent, and our tour hosts, Rufus and Austin.  We had an amazing fish dinner from the fish we caught the previous day.   I keep asking myself how could this get any better!!

-Pete Irwin, Technical Manager