Microsoft sponsored a study with IDC about job growth related to Cloud computing.  The headline – “Cloud Computing to create 14 Million New Jobs by 2015”.

You can read the entire article here –

The article has a bit of sales in it – it does quote several partners and the VP of enterprise sales.  That aside it’s an interesting take on something I believe in strongly – the power of Cloud Computing to enable creators to create in a way not previously possible!

Here at 2nd Watch we are very proud to be a part of this new job creation!  Since 2011 2nd Watch has created 15 new jobs in the Cloud Computing industry!

The Cloud is a technology industrialization that will help empower business owners in a way not before possible.  Let me give you a case study of something that was not feasible before Cloud Computing:

Here at 2nd Watch we are working on a number of utilities to make the Cloud easier to consume. One such utility requires very large datasets to be stored for each customer.  Our application stores 21 Million data points per month, and that is only for 10 customers.  In the old world of technology if I wanted to mass market an application at this scale I would need to buy and provision several servers and massive disk storage to keep up with the demand.

In this instance I estimate that I would have purchased $65-75,000 worth of equipment.  Forget depreciation and useful life – for a startup this is just money I don’t have.  Today my almost Terabyte of storage costs me less than $10 per month, and I only pay for what I use.  My servers are several hundred dollars a month, and I can scale them up or down based on usage.

Big data problems are no longer big dollar problems.  This is a huge shift in an industry built around selling and consuming hardware.  This new wave of technology will spur the thinkers and doers in our society to create new and compelling business ideas that could not have existed before.

Welcome to the industrial age of technology.  I for one am looking forward to the opportunities this new world will bring!