A Charitable Organization

Visualizing Google Analytics in Tableau.

An Overview

The Challenge

A charitable organization client wanted to analyze the behavior of new visitors to their website.

The Solution

2nd Watch implemented a Tableau dashboard that was integrated with Google Analytics that was shared across the entire marketing team.

The Outcome

The client was able to draw insights which helped them to make smarter marketing decisions around ad spend resulting in a 37% increase in website traffic and a 56% increase on advertising spend return.


The Challenge

In order to create a focused marketing strategy, our client wanted to analyze the behavior of new visitors to their website. Specifically, they required data visualizations and analysis that could answer three strategic questions:

  • What is the source of new user traffic?
  • Where are the Chicago-metro users located?
  • Where do new users land and exit the website?

Using the new system as a discovery tool, the client planned to better allocate their marketing budget to convert new user traffic to subscribing members.


The Solution

2nd Watch designed a Tableau dashboard connected to a Google Analytics account that showcased new user traffic flow by social network and city, as well as the landing and exit patterns of those same users. In addition, the visualizations were published to a Tableau server and shared across the entire marketing team allowing for individual discovery and self-service of the website data. The system provided:


  • Comparison analysis on new user traffic behavior by source
  • Geographic region of unique and return visitors
  • Website interaction statistics including entry point and end point
  • Granular analysis of website visitor behavior versus source and entry


The Outcome

By leveraging the real time dashboards, our client is now able to accurately target their marketing and advertising campaigns. The staff is able to determine which social media platforms had the highest likelihood of delivering advertising returns, where to place digital advertising to attract new users, and what type of website content was most appealing to their unique visitors. The end results include:


  • 37% increase in website traffic
  • 14% increase in new subscriptions
  • 56% increase on advertising expenditure returns