Data Privacy Technology Company

Migrating to AWS for productivity and product expansion.

An Overview

The Outcome

In order to modernize, grow, and innovate, this data privacy technology company needed to migrate from its on-premises data center to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud.  

The Challenge

The tech company’s data team lacked the time, experience, and understanding of AWS to complete the migration on time and implement AWS tools and services for specific use cases.

The Solution

2nd Watch cloud migration experts migrated the company’s on-premises virtual machines (VMs) and websites to the AWS Cloud, removed the old infrastructure from the data center, and deployed a streamlined internal chat service. 


About the Business

This data privacy technology company helps advertisers, agencies, and publishers with targeted digital advertising campaigns that are effective, efficient, and compliant. With a vision to create a data-safe world, the company has been helping brands reconcile compliance and performance for over ten years. The company’s end-to-end data platform is used by over 1,000 brands across more than 20 industries in five continents.


The Business Challenges

The technology company was burdened by management complexities that drove costs and multiplied infrastructure components in an on-prem environment. As a result, data teams struggled to fulfill use cases, and structural inefficiencies slowed productivity. Wanting to take advantage of the tools and services in the AWS Cloud, the technology company set an ambitious deadline to leave its data center.

Unfortunately, having been on-prem, the company’s IT team was not equipped to complete the migration by the tight timeline expected by the business. They needed guidance architecting their cloud infrastructure, deploying it, and migrating workloads – and their data center needed to be clear of all infrastructure. The technology company needed help to make the migration successful and prepare for cloud optimization and Day 2 operations.



The 2nd Watch Solution

2nd Watch established the infrastructure in AWS where the VMs and websites would be migrated. The infrastructure team implemented the required resources to run the migration using Redis as a database, Amazon RDS for operations and scale, and Amazon S3 for object storage.

The technology company wanted to increase communication and collaboration between teams, so 2nd Watch created a chat service utilizing ejabberd – a messaging platform used to power real-time applications and provide various communication services. Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) rapidly authenticates users, and all chat messages are stored within a MySQL chat database. 2nd Watch also used the Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) so that all servers utilize a NAT gateway or a Network Address Translation service. And lastly, 2nd Watch enabled push notifications on apps and mobile devices with Uniqush open-source software. 



The Business Benefits

Since partnering with 2nd Watch, the data privacy technology company has completed its migration to the AWS Cloud. Data teams are motivated by the value of the tools and services advised to them by 2nd Watch. Automated services have increased productivity, while daily tasks have decreased with fully managed services.

Leveraging the capabilities uncovered in the cloud, the company is developing a new product to further meet the rising need for internet security and data protection. The company is working on building a digital identity and asset trust management solution for businesses to expand cybersecurity protections.

Additionally, as a result of its migration to AWS and the chat service deployed by 2nd Watch, the tech company has significantly improved secure internal communications. Now, people can chat one-on-one or in group chats for more efficient conversations and collaboration. Push notifications are enabled in all countries except China to reach people all over the world on the devices they use most. Despite all the new functionality, the chat service went from seven servers in the data center to two RDS instances in the cloud for easier management.

Files, notes, and calendars are stored in S3 for secure, long-term retention with the ability for business users to upload and retrieve things easily. And the NAT gateway on Amazon SNS creates a private subnet to protect instances from outside connections for added security.

Now that the technology company has successfully migrated to the AWS Cloud with 2nd Watch, it has the tools and services to continue fulfilling use cases, take advantage of new cloud capabilities, and deploy new products to help businesses protect data. The company continues to partner with 2nd Watch for cloud modernization, optimization, and management.