Luxury Fashion Holding Company

Modernizing ecommerce and delivering data insights.

An Overview

The Challenge

It was time for this worldwide, multi-brand holding company to consolidate and migrate to the cloud in order to accelerate e-commerce, reduce operating costs, and optimize toolsets, to enable business growth. In order to accelerate the monetization of their e-commerce platform, they needed a cloud infrastructure for longer-term flexibility and data insights across their omnichannel presence.

The Solution

2nd Watch served as a cloud advisor from design to implementation, guiding the business transformation to AWS. We established data lakes and initiated application modernization to improve cloud scaling, performance, management, and data access.

The Outcome

Since partnering with 2nd Watch and migrating to the AWS cloud, the fashion company has been able to increase profits by enabling greater e-commerce share, gain a 360-degree view of customers, enable data-based decision making, and become more cloud-native for future wins.


About the Business

This American-based, global holding company is parent to some of the most recognized luxury brands in the U.S.


The Business Challenges

In order to increase global brand awareness, build new market share, and harness the power of cloud-based capabilities, the fashion company had to migrate out of their datacenters. They needed to modernize their infrastructure to accomplish strategic business goals and make data-based decisions.



To migrate to the cloud efficiently, effectively, affordably, and within their desired time frame, they required an experienced cloud advisor. Rather than distracting and reallocating internal resources, collaborating with an external team provided a dedicated guide for the transformation roadmap. The fashion company sought a partner with competitive pricing, trusted experience, timely response, and a dedication to the partnership.






  • Accelerate e-commerce functionality
  • Operationalize data
  • Simplify and standardize across brands
  • Build a scalable business model
  • Prepare for mergers and acquisitions
  • Improve compliance and global processes





  • Adopt a hybrid cloud strategy in AWS
  • Deploy private cloud capabilities in co-location sites
  • Datacenter consolidation
  • Application migration
  • Accelerate time-to-deployment
  • Improve infrastructure governance and management
  • Optimize toolsets
  • Reduce operating costs


The 2nd Watch Solution

After an initial assessment of the company’s application portfolio and operational requirements, 2nd Watch mapped workloads to the correct AWS resources. From there, we built a clear strategy and vision for the hybrid cloud architecture, including a roadmap and timeline for cloud integration across the company.

During the project, 2nd Watch did the following:

  • Created a scalable e-commerce infrastructure in AWS, with an operating model, and migrated the front-end.
  • Built a Big Data EMR cluster for gathering customer data using in-store point of sales (POS) systems.
  • Initiated Lambda Driven Serverless Application modernization.
  • Centralized the deployment workflow by designing and launching a Terraform framework.
  • Increased cloud security by remediating over 2,500 security threats identified by CloudGuard Dome9’s security scan.
  • Developed cloud enablement and governance model for the internal technology team.
  • Implemented a well-architected, multi-region Cloud Landing Zone.
  • Supported an organization-wide ‘cloud first’ change management strategy based on the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF), focused on automation and data application.
  • Helped establish a technically diverse Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE).
  • Identified the processes, tooling, and skills necessary for operating workloads across the hybrid cloud architecture.
  • Used the 2nd Watch Cloud Migration Factory, migration methodology, and opportunities for application modernization, in the migration of almost 2,000 servers to AWS.
  • Aided in defining and implementing processes, tools, and procedures for compliantly managing security and governance.
  • Optimized cloud costs with best practice recommendations.


The Business Benefits

Since partnering with 2nd Watch and migrating to the AWS cloud, the fashion company has been able to increase profits by enabling greater e-commerce share, gain a 360-degree view of customers, enable data-based decision making, and become more cloud-native for future wins.



While cloud migration was the catalyst for our partnership with the fashion company, no one knew how important their e-commerce platform would be in 2020. With the global pandemic shuttering stores worldwide and threatening business survival for many, this company was thriving. In fact, in October 2020, the company announced triple-digit growth across digital platforms.

Their move to the cloud was justified quickly as in-person shoppers sought similar buying experiences online. Ecommerce alone accounted for 25% of the company’s total revenue in 2020 — compared to just 8% the year before. Of course, the pandemic had a significant impact on a cumulative spike in e-commerce, but this fashion company would not have fared as well without the cloud. Luckily, their timing was perfect, and the company was able to adapt quickly and evolve with the unpredictability of business today. Since then, their stock has nearly recovered to 2018 levels.



Developing the fashion company’s Big Data environment allows them to gather, store, analyze, and use their data to gain a deeper understanding of customers. The EMR cluster we built collects data from brick-and-mortar locations via the POS system. The company combines that information with the massive amount of data coming from online interactions and has gained a 360-degree customer view.

With visibility into their omnichannel presence, the fashion company is able to deliver a consistent customer experience online, and across store locations. Data enablement invites strategic, data-based decision-making for a wide variety of business initiatives. Everything from personalizing the customer experience, advertising and marketing, and digital UX optimization, to demand forecasting, supply chain efficiency, and implementing AI solutions and innovation – it all starts with data.



This fashion company’s move to the cloud is just the beginning of its digital transformation. Embracing more cloud-native strategies, continuing application modernization, and utilizing Terraform implementation, the company is leaning into its data with a digital-first mindset. Capitalizing on its AWS environment and cloud-enabled efficiencies, the company has been successful in reducing operating costs across servers, storage, applications, and infrastructure. Business leaders identify the infrastructure built by 2nd Watch, and its robust capabilities, as a driving force of continued worldwide growth across digital channels.

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