Doug McMaster

Executive Vice President, Managed Cloud

After spending the first decade of my career as a CPA, helping businesses raise capital, perform cost management and conduct tax planning, I decided being a spectator wasn’t enough. In 1999, I joined digitalNATION, a technology startup of 50 employees. We were one of the first Dedicated Managed Service providers in the industry and were purchased within 6 short months. We quickly became the leading product within our new parent company, Verio, and my original team went from supporting 10 sales people to supporting several hundred within a few months. This explosive growth taught me the need to leverage innovation at every opportunity in order to maintain an exceptional client experience. After being purchased yet again, we expanded our Managed Cloud Solutions to the Global 2,000, at which time I managed Global Cloud Operations for NTT’s US-based clients, supporting global cloud solutions at scale and across the globe.

My desire to once again work directly with clients reunited me with my former mentor, and now 2nd Watch CEO, Doug Schneider. My goal was to help 2nd Watch make the transition from a niche player to a world class Managed Cloud Services Provider. It was Schneider’s leadership, as well as 2nd Watch’s focus, that brought me to my position today.

Today, as the EVP of Managed Cloud, I leverage my accounting experience and 20+ years of supporting large enterprises to create an exceptional customer experience through innovation and unmatched standards in customer support.

When I am not helping clients manage their businesses in the cloud, I am supporting my two most demanding customers, Marisa and Jon, 6 and 4 years respectively.