Doug Schneider

Chief Executive Officer

Leadership is less about what you say and more about what you do.

I joined 2nd Watch in late 2014 because I wanted to be part of molding and building a company into an enduring business that makes a difference in the eyes of its clients. Delivering “that difference” at scale hinges on 3Ps – People, Process, and Product. Throughout my 25 plus years of leading both small and large technology enabled-services companies, I have always found that the most fundamental “P” is People. While this is obvious in many ways, it is also one of the most elusive “Ps” to consistently nail throughout an entire company.

At 2nd Watch, our culture is our oxygen. Our company is fortunate to operate within one of the most disruptive and biggest shifts in technology with the advent of the public cloud, yet we are also in a very dynamic marketplace with constant change.

I have had the benefit of building companies like Cellular One and Verio in the early innings of the wireless and internet industries as well. In all these contexts, the one thing I have found that I can consistently influence as a leader for the better is culture. As the CEO of 2nd Watch, I guide strategic direction and ensure that resources are available and aligned to both capture market growth and deliver exceptional services, but it is the crafting and nurturing of the culture that provides our company oxygen.

Ultimately it comes down to translating the words of our core values through the connected actions by many, so our entire team of associates genuinely feels, embraces, and fosters a constructive energy that is unique to 2nd Watch and helps us thrive. And as our associates thrive, so do our clients and our results.

Aside from catching up on work over the weekends, I can typically be found on my mountain bike and enjoying time with my wife. During the winter months, I squeeze in a little skiing. My wife and I have three great children who are mostly out of the house now, and we take advantage whenever we can to spend time with them. Visit my Linkedin profile