Scott Parrish

Chief Financial Officer

If you want to be successful in business, choose to work on something you are genuinely passionate about.

After spending the first years of my career in public accounting, I joined a technology startup that was severely undercapitalized but on the leading edge of a technology revolution. During my tenure at F5 Networks, the company’s revenues grew from $5M to over $400M annually, and the underlying technology became a global standard.

It was during this phase of my career that I found a true passion for blending the skills of my profession with the operational demands of a business that needs to scale rapidly to meet the requirements of its customers in a financially responsible environment.

Building upon that experience, I served as CFO for Azaleos Corporation, a managed services company that had no business systems in place when I first joined. Scaling a managed services company is a team sport which requires investment across all facets of the business to ensure processes are in place to support growth and long term customer relationships. Within five years Azaleos grew to over $100M in annual sales and was eventually acquired by Accenture/Avanade.

Today, as the CFO of 2nd Watch, I am again working for an industry leader at the forefront of a global technology revolution. Managing growth in a reliable and highly secure manner has never been more important and is paramount to our success and that of our customers.

When I’m not thinking about internal controls and resource scaling at work, I enjoy spending time with my wife and two teenage children, adventure traveling, and most anything associated with sports.