Skip Barry

Vice President, Cloud Enablement

I have honed my craft for understanding how to build teams to meet the constant evolving customer demand.

I have spent most of my 25 years in IT in professional services, customer support services, and field support services, naturally paralleling with whatever the flavor of the day was. I have always looked at this as a noble profession in helping people reach the destination they wanted to be with technology. As the Vice President of cloud enablement in 2nd Watch’s professional services division, my goal is to ensure an exemplary customer experience and the highest level of quality.

Before joining second watch in May of 2019, I worked at Hitachi, holding several different positions throughout their multi-organization structure, predominantly serving in specialty practices, professional services, building global support and sustaining engineering teams for emerging services.

Understanding how to build teams to meet the constantly evolving customer demand and expectation for expertise is a craft that I have honed in on, and I take a lot of pride and responsibility in ensuring that not only myself, but the teams that I manage continue to raise the bar to meet those expectations.

Prior to joining Hitachi, I worked for a global electronic content management firm out of the UK, which provided me global travel and interaction with various verticals, such as financial regulatory insurance and health care. I reflect upon that time as the quintessential building blocks for learning how to work with in a global economy, manage teams at a global level, and to stay competitive to whatever is next.

My wife and I live just outside of Boston, MA, where I was born and raised. I’ve had the good fortune to travel the world and see many amazing things that I would have never believed to see, and I’m truly grateful for those opportunities. Outside of work, I live a very active life in the pursuit of helping others refurbishing old cars or boats, performing some kind of athletics, and am very active in the horse racing and aftercare industry.