Data and Analytics Solutions for Health Benefits Consultants

Reporting and analytics for patient acquisition, staff turnover, care quality, liability, risk, and cost management.

Data and analytics solutions for health benefits consultants are becoming increasingly critical as clients are looking to their consultants to help them deal with cost pressure, complexity, and benefits optimization. And clients increasingly are demanding that this insight be delivered in an electronic format with self-service drill-down analytics.

Dashboards and custom analytics portals with near real-time access to reliable data help health benefits consultants and their clients spot opportunities, find valuable insight, and make informed decisions throughout the benefit administration process.

As a modern healthcare and insurance data consulting partner, 2nd Watch develops and implements end-to-end modern data analytics solutions.

Our customized solutions provide rich analytics and user-friendly dashboards that help you and your clients access information so you can measure, track, and compare:


Plans and plan options.


Costs and cost drivers.


Industry and benefits trends.


Gaps in coverage or care.


Potential fraud, waste, and abuse.


Plan utilization and activity.

Data Strategy for Health Benefits Consultants

2nd Watch takes a holistic approach to modern data analytics for health benefits consultants. Starting with a data strategy, our healthcare data consultants work with your stakeholders to understand you and your client’s business goals, data needs, analytics challenges, and other key information to build you a scalable data and analytics strategy customized to your unique needs.

Data Analytics for Health Benefits Consultants

Your analytics are only as good as the data behind them. And to truly maximize the value of all of your currently siloed data, you must unify all of your data sources into a single powerful engine of healthcare benefits analytics value. 2nd Watch can help health benefit consultants and their clients analyze all of their data in a HIPAA-compliant and secure way.


Analytics and Data Science for Health Benefits Consultants

2nd Watch’s healthcare, insurance, and operations analytics consultants create value-focused dashboards and reports for client reporting, benefits usage, finance, risk, and more. We work closely with the business data users, IT, and compliance teams to ensure our dashboards deliver the insight your clients need to drive value, reduce costs, increase profits, and maximize the value of your clients’ benefits plans.

Healthcare Data and Analytics Workshops

Connect with a 2nd Watch healthcare data consultant

2nd Watch helps healthcare organizations access and analyze financial, operational, and member data to drive better decisions, client success, and member satisfaction. Want to know what this could mean for your organization?

Contact us to learn about our data and analytics workshops for health benefits consultants.