Data Modernization

60-Minute Data Architecture Assessment.

You have the data. You have the vision. Let 2nd Watch help you get started on the path to data modernization.

Current State Audit

Assess your current architecture, technologies, and processes.

Overview of Data Needs

Define the data needs and goals of stakeholders throughout your organization.

Future State Roadmap

Visualize your current state and create a plan to meet your future state goals.

Data Technology Review

Understand the tools and technologies needed to meet the goals of your initiative.

The Benefits of a Data Architecture Assessment

Our 60-minute data architecture assessment is a quick, focused effort that helps prepare organizations for their upcoming enterprise data initiatives. We will work with you to design an architecture based on your current state and unique analytical goals.

Whether your vision is as simple as more accurate reporting or as complex as predictive analytics to identify problems before they happen, knowing the right path is essential for your success. A data architecture assessment with 2nd Watch will outline a plan to achieve your goals and help you understand the tools, technologies, timeline, and cost to get there.

We’ll work with your team to start you on your journey toward a modern data architecture. The data architecture assessment will include the following:


Examining Your Vision and Goals

Collaborate with stakeholders on your team to understand both the current state and future needs for data management and analytics.


Producing a Gap Analysis

Compare your current data movement processes with the goals and vision of your future state architecture as previously outlined. Identify gaps and make recommendations to fill those gaps.


Proposing Technology Options for Long-Term Success

We’ll propose tools and technology that will serve your short-term and long-term needs, focusing on technologies that will grow with you as your needs and goals change.


Analyzing the Current State of Your Data Model and Architecture

Review your existing architecture and technologies to understand where your organization stands today.


Establishing Various Technology Options

Discuss our diverse technology partner ecosystem to determine the best technology options for your organization’s anticipated needs.


Pinpointing Use Cases

We’ll help you define use cases for data and analytics solutions based on your industry, function, and goals, guiding you with our range of experience spanning various industries and use cases.

A Tech Stack That
Works for You

Our tech-agnostic approach means we can build a solution with the leading cloud platforms, data management, and analytics technologies. 

Here are some of the technologies our team will use to build the right solution for your organization.

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