Data Management for Private Equity

Accurate Data from Across Your Portfolio in One Place.

When it comes to private equity, not being data-driven is not an option. Private equity firms must have accurate, near-real-time access to operational and financial performance metrics for all of their portfolio companies.

The reality is that manual processes, disparate systems, and other issues make reporting and analytics slow and unreliable.

2nd Watch’s private equity data management services help firms get the insights they need powered by centralized, accessible, and reliable data from across their portfolio companies.

Our modern data and analytics solutions are scalable and enable you to quickly add new acquisitions into your dashboards and reporting.

Business Intelligence and Analytics Services for Private Equity Firms:

Data Strategy

Create a plan to get from your current state to your end goal. Learn More ⇒


Data Integration

Enable a single source of truth from multiple disparate systems. Learn More ⇒

Data Warehousing

Improve access to consistent, accurate, and analytics-ready data. Learn More ⇒


Data Modernization

Access and optimize data from legacy systems for modern usage. Learn More ⇒

Data Migration

Move data from one system to another or from on-prem to the cloud. Learn more ⇒

Data Governance

Drive compliance through documented definitions, roles, and security. Learn More ⇒

Our Work

2nd Watch has helped private equity firms and their portfolio companies improve how they track, measure, and assess the operations of their portfolio companies with portfolio data management. Read how we’ve helped private equity firms create reliable reporting using modern data management systems.

Scalable Financial Reporting to Support a Private Equity Roll-Up

2nd Watch helped a private equity firm’s finance team to streamline and scale the financial reporting process to reduce the time and complexity, and improve the accuracy, of their financial roll-up reports.

Modern Data Architecture and Analytics for Roll-Up Reporting

As a private equity firm acquired dealerships across the US, 2nd Watch helped them consolidate data from each location, standardize KPIs, and analyze data with user-friendly dashboards.

Smarter and Faster Investment Decisions

This real estate investing company needed a lead qualification engine that would automatically evaluate properties, enabling them to make smarter and faster real estate investment decisions.

Private Equity Data Management Whiteboarding Session

Are you curious about the time, costs, and efforts of a centralized operational analytics and reporting solution for your portfolio?

Schedule a no-cost, no-obligation private equity whiteboarding session with one of our private equity data consultants.

Data Management for Private Equity Firms

2nd Watch’s data management for private equity solutions help you quickly consolidate and centralize data from newly acquired companies, enabling you to measure, track, and compare performance in near real-time.

Our data and analytics consultants specialize in creating private equity data governance frameworks to ensure your process for collecting, storing, and accessing data scales as your portfolio expands. When paired with our solutions for data analytics in private equity, you’ll be able to make easy comparisons across branches, locations, or service lines throughout your portfolio.