Data Science Readiness Assessment

Uncover how data science will be most impactful for your organization.

Data science solutions such as advanced analytics, machine learning, and AI help businesses stay competitive by automating processes, improving operational efficiency, and uncovering ROI-producing insights.

The Data Science Readiness Assessment from 2nd Watch will get you started on the path to data science by taking a look at your goals, reviewing your current state, and designing preliminary models to uncover how data science will be most impactful for your organization.

At the end of your data science readiness assessment, you’ll have a clear vision of how data science will be most valuable to your organization.

The Benefits of a Data Science Starter Kit:


Current State Analysis

An audit of your current data structure and analytics maturity to determine where you should start.


Real World Opportunities

A review of data science opportunities and benefits based on your industry and function.

Data Science Impact

A clear understanding of how data science will benefit your organization.

Roadmap to Success

A custom data science roadmap that leads you from your current state to achieving your data science goals.

Clear and Actionable Goals

A custom overview of data science goals and KPIs based on your business objectives.

What We’ll Do:


Conduct stakeholder interviews to understand current methods and factors.


Help you better understand the relationship between your goals and KPIs.


Help you understand the causes of observed events.


Explore your data with a fresh perspective.


Identify business areas that would benefit strongly from further data science work.


Decide which data science technologies fit your organization’s needs and requirements.


Provide a summary of data science options and insight on how they positively impact your business.

What You’ll Get:


An experienced data scientist to guide you through the process from strategy to model development.


Preliminary results identifying key areas of opportunity for data science as well as detailed explanations of the benefits, tailored to your organization.


Recommendations on an approach and technologies to use in order to implement solutions.


A full summary of data structures and necessary manipulation to perform data science analysis.

A Tech Stack That
Works for You

Our tech-agnostic approach means we can build a data science solution with the leading cloud platforms, data management, and data science technologies.

Here are some of the technologies our team will use to build the right solution for your organization.

Data Science:

  • Dataiku
  • H20
  • Python
  • R
  • Spark
  • AWS Sagemaker
  • Azure IoT Edge
  • Azure Machine Learning
  • Databricks

BI and Analytics: 

  • Tableau
  • Looker
  • Qlik
  • Sigma
  • Power BI

Cloud Platforms:

  • Azure (SQL Server, Azure DW, Azure SQL, Azure Data Lake Store)
  • AWS (Redshift, Athena, Lake Formation)
  • Google Cloud (BigQuery)
  • Snowflake (multi-cloud)
  • Databricks (multi-cloud)

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Uncover how data science will be most impactful for your organization with a Data Science Readiness Assessment.