Data Science Starter Kit

Improve your supply chain operations and better understand customer behavior with data science for demand forecasting.

Analyzing and understanding your data can give you valuable insight into demand for your products, which you can use to improve the accuracy of your financial planning, strengthen sales and marketing efforts, and more effectively manage your supply chain.

The Data Science for Demand Forecasting Starter Kit from 2nd Watch takes the complexity out of the demand forecasting process.

Our team will use cutting edge data science techniques to gather, organize, and integrate your company’s data, producing an actionable forecast in just 6-8 weeks.

The Benefits of a Data Science Starter Kit:


Product Planning

Plan products with greater accuracy.

Inventory Management

Avoid costly inventory shortages and excesses.

Opportunity Discovery

Discover new areas of opportunity while shedding light on key customer segments.

Improved Operations

Identify new supply chain KPIs and improve related management processes.


Business Insights

Gain a deeper understanding of your business.


Identify Risk

Better assess risk for stronger contingency planning.

Process Automation

Streamline operations with automated purchasing.

Supply Chain Visibility

Achieve better visibility into supply chain health.

What We’ll Do:


Conduct interviews with your organization’s stakeholders to understand your current methods and the factors impacting demand forecasting.


Identify, clean, and transform the most relevant KPIs and driving factors.


Develop a high-quality predictive model that meets your accuracy expectations.


Integrate the predictive model into the right BI tool for your organization to facilitate easy tracking, simplified reporting, and improved scenario building.


Provide a brief summary of current driving factors and how those factors affect demand for your company’s products.

What You’ll Get:


A predictive model that provides an estimate of future product demand, as well as the ability to run scenario simulations that enable you to perform more risk assessment and risk mitigation.


A customized dashboard showing the demand forecast along with other important measures for your organization.


A short summary of our findings, including how various factors affect demand, predictive model limitations, and recommendations for improvements to further enhance your results.

Technologies That
Work For You

With 2nd Watch’s tech-agnostic approach, our consultants can build a data science for demand forecasting solution with the leading cloud platforms, data management tools, and data science technologies. We will only recommend tools that suit your particular needs.
Here are some of the technologies our team will use to build the right solution for your organization.

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