Hospital Data Analytics

Reporting and analytics for patient acquisition, staff turnover, care quality, liability, risk, and cost management.

Hospitals are facing major challenges in the next few years as the demand for healthcare services will change and grow. They face several issues, including revenue growth and profitability needs, industry consolidation, and a population that will soon reach their greatest healthcare need years.

On top of the healthcare macro issues, hospitals must deal with a variety of issues and opportunities that include patient acquisition, quality, staff turnover, payer complexity, and cost pressure as they work to serve their patient’s needs by providing exceptional patient care.

Before hospital staff can work on improving these areas, they need to be able to accurately understand their current state, search out care improvement opportunities, and measure their progress against their care and business goals.

There is a large amount of data available in the typical hospitals, but it is siloed and only available for analysis on a standalone basis. If all of the data was unified across all of the different data sources (EMR, CRM financial, operational, social, etc.), then the true value of data analytics could be brought to bear on all of the many issues that hospitals must deal with and are constantly searching for solutions and opportunities.

As a healthcare data and analytics consulting partner, 2nd Watch helps hospitals to design and implement hospital data analytics solutions to drive performance and value. Our strategy-first approach means that our technical solutions help care leaders, business staff, and other hospital personnel to access and analyze the data they need, when and where they need it.

For example, our hospital analytics dashboards help drive insights that:


Improve revenue cycle management.


Reduce patient care leakage and out-migration.


Improve and automate external reporting (e.g., CMS, payer, quality, etc.)


Drive insight into utilization management and profitability analytics.


Strengthen payer contracting and negotiation.


Increase cash flow through more efficient supply chain management.


Reduce caregiver turnover.

Hospital Data Strategy and Management

2nd Watch takes a holistic approach to modern hospital data analytics. Starting with a data strategy, our healthcare data consultants work with your clinical and business leadership to understand your care goals, your data needs, your analytics challenges, and other key information to build you a scalable data and analytics strategy customized to your unique needs.

Hospital Data Analytics

Your analytics are only as good as your ability to derive value and meaningful insight to create care and business improvement. And to truly maximize the value of all of your currently siloed data, you must unify all of your data sources into a single powerful engine of analytics value. 2nd Watch can help hospitals integrate and analyze all of their data in a HIPAA-compliant and secure way.


Hospital Analytics and Data Science

2nd Watch’s healthcare analytics consultants create value-focused dashboards and reports for all aspects of your facility from patient care to finance to operations and beyond. We work closely with the business data users, IT, and compliance teams to ensure our dashboards deliver the insight you need to optimize operations, reduce costs, and most importantly, improve patient care and satisfaction.

Healthcare Data and Analytics Workshops

Connect with a 2nd Watch healthcare data consultant

2nd Watch helps hospitals and other healthcare organizations access and analyze patient data, financial data, and operational data to drive better decisions and improve patient care. Want to know what this could mean for your hospital?

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