Modernize your infrastructure and analyze your data to optimize operations and unlock insights into risks.

The insurance industry, often considered a laggard in transforming to the digital age, is very well aware it can no longer do business as usual. Policy holders and investors expect more, and more damaging risks such as climate change or cyber warfare make it much more challenging to conduct business. Insurance organizations desperately need modernization, and continuing to run on legacy applications is putting their business – and future – at risk.

Cloud technology and tools designed to consume, manage, and apply multiple data sources effectively now exist and are essential to running insurance companies. However, organizations may not have the budget, resources, or expertise to move forward in that journey. Or, they may not know where to begin.

That’s why you need 2nd Watch.


2nd Watch is a trusted cloud transformation partner that can empower you to fully leverage the power of the cloud while mitigating risk and maintaining your budgets against increasing demands.  We have helped major Life & Annuity, Property & Casualty, and U.S. insurance regulatory organizations securely and efficiently migrate to the cloud and design and implement data platforms and tools to actualize data.

These insurance companies have capitalized on the elasticity of the public cloud while increasing the protection of sensitive personal data and underwriting and claims systems.

Our cloud solutions ensure security and compliance across Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud environments for HIPAA, SOC2, PCI, PII, and PCI, according to your requirements.


Who We Serve


Life & Health Insurers


Property & Casualty Insurers




Regulatory Agencies


Insurance Brokers and Agents


Managing General Agents


Third-Party Administrators


Insurance Data Providers

2nd Watch Services for Insurance Industries

We focus on enabling insurance organizations to modernize their core systems and applications, and future-proofing their data and analytics environment. The end results are improved operational management, increased speed to market, strengthened regulatory compliance, streamlined distribution services, and a sharpend competitive edge.

Cloud Modernization


Our modernization experts work side-by-side with you throughout your digital transformation to ensure your applications and data are running the way your business requires – fast and effectively.

We help you move data to and between public, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments, create or update your application portfolio strategy and management, accelerate your time to market, break down monoliths into microservices, and build application applications.

Learn more about our Cloud Modernization practices:

Cloud Migration   Application Modernization

Application Rationalization Database Modernization

DevOps Transformation Application Development


Insurance Analytics Solutions


We offer a broad range of data analytics consulting services encompassing the planning, architecting, and implementation of data-centric projects.

Our creative, highly motivated consultants bring diverse backgrounds and expertise in numerous technology areas, enabling us to deliver solutions that are both forward-thinking and rooted in experience.

Learn more about our Data Insights practices:

 Data Strategy Visual Analytics

Data Management   Data Science



How We Help

Our Insurance cloud experts can help every step of the way in your cloud journey, from migration planning and assessing costs to deploying and managing your new cloud infrastructure, all while ensuring security and industry compliance.


Application Rationalization

Collecting environment and application portfolio data is a critical first step in creating a cloud-native strategy. However, identifying the various platforms and number of applications running throughout your organization – then deciding which ones to keep, replace, retire, or consolidate – is daunting.

The 2nd Watch team of experts takes the guesswork and stress out of this stage in your journey. Our Application Rationalization Service is driven by FinOps best practices and is the best insurance policy for a well-defined approach to your modernization strategies.

FinOps Driven Modernization

This service is designed for enterprise insurance organizations who have moved their workloads to the cloud but have not yet taken full advantage of the benefits the cloud has to offer (TCO reduction, staff productivity, operational resilience, and business agility).

Our unique, proprietary process leverages FinOps principles, cloud cost data, and information about the applications running in your environment to identify the highest priority and most impactful modernization opportunities for your enterprise.

Insurance Data Management

As the amount of insurance data has grown exponentially, so have the opportunities to leverage this data to achieve tremendous business value. With our insurance data analytics solutions, 2nd Watch helps our insurance customers capture and integrate all of their available internal and external data to create a single source of truth, driving powerful competitive advantages.

Insurance Analytics

Once the data has been unified, 2nd Watch can help our insurance clients turn their transformed data into meaningful insights by building out actionable reports, visualizations, and analytics dashboards. 2nd Watch has delivered information-rich P&C analytics, life insurance analytics, and health insurance analytics solutions in Tableau, Looker, Power BI, Qlik, and Sigma.

Advanced Data Science

Deep insight is hidden in the vast and complex data owned by insurance companies. By leveraging AI and machine learning, 2nd Watch’s clients have realized significant untapped value in their customer acquisition, underwriting, risk management, claims analysis, customer service, and other vital parts of their operations through our insurance data science solutions.

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“Most commercial insurers are old-school. Now, we are in the position to grow faster and smarter. 2nd Watch and AWS have been excellent digital transformation partners for our business, helping us get to that next level of competition.”

Darryl Siry, Chief Digital Officer

“Being a pioneer is great, and while there’s been healthy skepticism for the project, we also got a lot of support for the strategy. It’s much less risky with a partner like 2nd Watch that has so much experience with the cloud and specifically Amazon Web Services.”

–  Clarke Rodgers, Chief Information Security Officer