Integrate Your Supply Chain and Stabilize IT Costs.

The Manufacturing industry faces a constant fluctuation in material costs and suppliers while attempting to produce the quality goods that customers demand.

The cloud helps manufacturers reduce cycle-times, measure and increase product quality, and track and integrate their supply chain, all while maintaining federal compliance.

2nd Watch is a trusted cloud transformation partner that can help you fully leverage the power of the cloud, while providing clear visibility into your manufacturing firms’ operations.

Our Manufacturing cloud experts can help every step of the way in your cloud journey, from migration planning and assessing costs to deploying and managing your new cloud infrastructure to integrating your supply-chain, all while ensuring security and federal compliance.

“We’ve worked with 2nd Watch side by side on our journey to the cloud. They’re always the consummate professionals, and they fit our culture very well.”

Vimal Thomas
VP, Information Technology Division, at Yamaha

2nd Watch has helped manufacturing companies securely and efficiently migrate to the cloud, making their IT spend more predictable while providing a seamless integration with their suppliers.

These companies have capitalized on the elasticity of the public cloud while increasing productivity and business agility of order production and fulfillment by integrating their ERP and MRP software with their manufacturing operations.

Our cloud solutions help ensure security and compliance across Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud environments and make it simpler for manufacturers to report federal device history records (DHRs), Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) reports, ISO 13485, and ISO 9001 standards.

Manufacturing Data Solutions

Manufacturing Analytics Solutions

Modern data strategies are creating a new industrial revolution for manufacturing companies. Leading manufacturers are using data from systems across the organization to increase efficiency, drive innovation and increase overall performance.

Aptitive’s experience managing and optimizing data means that we understand industry-specific data and systems. Our manufacturing data analytics solutions and consultants can assist you in building and implementing a strategy that will help your organization modernize, innovate, and outperform the competition.

Anticipate Demand

Operations managers can use visual reporting to sync your shop’s manufacturing with sales.


Manage Inventory

Understand how your firm is doing as a whole with clear financial data for operational decision-making.

Detect Waste

Refine your process by identifying the key performance indicators that have the greatest effect on your output.

Report Financials

Create powerful executive dashboards for near-real-time updates on revenue and loss.

Share Information

Communicate information across multiple facilities, organizations, and even countries.


Manufacturing Data Management

As plants start collecting everything from traditional ERP data to new IoT telemetry, manufacturing firms will need to develop advanced strategies for storing, integrating, and governing their information.

Advanced Manufacturing Data Solutions

Data-driven process management will give your company a competitive edge.

Custom Manufacturing Execution Systems

Out-of-the-box solutions rarely give the advertised ROI because there is a significant cost to customizing the product for your process.

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2nd Watch solutions for the Manufacturing industry focus on enabling Global Manufacturers to improve their supply-chain integration, increase security and reliability, accelerate cycle-times, and obtain deeper analytics of their production process.