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Managed Cloud Services

100% cloud-focused specialists, laser-focused on automation and cloud management to maximize cost savings

At the very core of our team is cloud management because this new technology is quickly evolving and highly powerful. The proper cloud controls and processes are essential to the success of cloud deployment, and it all begins in the design phase of your project.

Our clients realize vast savings with our Managed Cloud Services. If relying on old partners and systems to manage their cloud environment they would also see new complexities and risks, but 2nd Watch’s Managed Cloud Services team is 100% focused on the cloud. We are not going to sell you co-location services, on-premises services or application development. We are managed cloud specialists who help you take abstract products and services and enable you to manage them as workloads, minimizing those complexities and risks and maximizing cost savings.

Leading global brands have trusted us with more cloud projects, we manage more instances per month, and we have more accreditations than any other partner in the AWS ecosystem. We are the only cloud-born partner to earn our SOC2 compliance and maintain our AWS Premier Partner status since the original group of 15 was selected. 2nd Watch’s Managed Cloud Services has been TESTED, PROVEN, and TRUSTED by the world’s largest brands like The Coca-Cola Company, Adobe, Condé Nast, Lenovo, SCOR, Scholastic, DVF, and Yamaha.

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Our focus is on automation and management so you can focus on business outcomes. The system you use to manage the cloud must be integrated into your operational management systems and must know and learn the workload because the cloud is faster, stronger and more robust than what your old systems can manage. Our Cloud Management Platform is our clients’ portal into their workloads. It is a robust system that leverages cutting edge software with years of cloud experience, which reduces your risk and simplifies what you must manage. This is not a self-proclaimed statement—it is what the world’s leading brands say about 2nd Watch and our Managed Cloud Services. With our automation and technology, we can monitor, patch and optimize across thousands of instances in moments, reducing risk and increasing overall performance.