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Automation in Your Operations

  • Achieve less than one hour mean time to recovery (MTTR)
  • Increase time spent focused on developing new features by 700%
  • High-performing organizations have automated 33% more configuration management, 27% more testing, 30% more deployments & 27% more change approval processes.

Gone are the days when you had to contact a person to provision some technical services like compute or storage. By tomorrow, gone will be the days when you had to hold meeting after meeting, create business cases, and gain multiple levels of approvals for business impacting information systems that reside in data lakes, data warehouses, or better yet, that you acquire real-time from customers themselves. A proven way to ensure you are not left behind is through Managed Cloud Service Automation.

2nd Watch has unmatched expertise, proven methodology and thought leadership in multiplying the effectiveness of individuals and processes through automating these routine tasks so you can focus on valuable business insights.

Skills and Capabilities

  • Strategy and design
  • Architecture and engineering
  • CloudFormation design
  • Terraform design
  • Chef, Puppet, and Ansible expertise
  • Packer