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  • 50% of organizations report they do not monitor inbound/outbound traffic to prevent data exfiltration.
  • 38% of organizations say they can’t manage security policies consistently across all their networks.
  • 60% of organizations report an inability to completely enforce an application-level access control policy.

Reacting to the cloud can solve a problem today while creating more risk tomorrow. A proven way to avoid common missteps as your company adopts the cloud beyond a single application is to implement a solid Cloud-Centric governance model encompassing people, process and technology and a proven Cloud Management Platform. Through automation enterprises gain the unification of IT resources and services around a trusted managed services framework.

2nd Watch has unmatched focus and expertise in architecting enterprise Cloud-Centric governance models and IP in our Cloud Management Platform, providing scale and 24/7 engineering support across time zones to over 196 countries worldwide.


  • Cloud strategy and planning
  • Architecture standards
  • Cloud design and security architecture
  • Integration and testing
  • Capacity planning and resource management
  • Operations and support including SLA management and QOS
  • Maintenance and patching to include security patching
  • DR/HA/failover and contingency planning and continuity of operations
  • Integration and interoperability
  • Identity and access management

Execution & Management

  • Centralized portal, authentication and self-service capabilities
  • Cloud billing and accounting including financial reporting
  • Life Cycle Management for customer resources
  • Foundational monitoring, advanced monitoring and optimization of resourcing
  • Application design and development to ensure optimized application implementation
  • Centralized service catalog
  • Automation