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Cloud Optimization

  • SCOR Velogica migrated to AWS and saved 30% on hosting and support and earned SOC2 accreditation
  • Diane von Furstenberg migrated to DVF and saved 60% on hosted infrastructure
  • Average time to market reduced by 100 days

Almost anyone can provision a cloud server in today’s world, but if your enterprise is adopting the cloud for more than one application, the sheer volume of choices in products and services can be paralyzing. Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure have over 400,000 distinct prices and technical combinations that can overwhelm the most experienced IT organizations and business units. To reap all performance and financial optimization benefits enterprises need a combination of experience and automation.

2nd Watch was built on cloud native tools and leverages automation that allows for scalability. We manage over 200,000 AWS EC2 instances today and understand the complexity beyond the numbers. Behind our solutions for cloud optimization is a team of experienced data scientists and architects that help you maximize the performance and returns of your cloud assets.

How we do it

Our cloud optimization process starts with data, and as the largest AWS reseller, we have a lot of it. In fact, we manage 3.3MM inputs of performance and financial data monthly. But, data alone leads clients astray and they end up with wasted resources and unused reserved instances.

Strategically, our data scientists and architects map connections between data and workloads. Then we make correlations between how workloads interact with each resource and the optimal financial mechanism to reach our clients’ cloud optimization goals. As we work with our clients longer, we further tailor our recommendations and optimization engine for each client’s cash management strategy and risk tolerance.

  • Workload segmentation
  • Workload requirements
  • Workload performance
  • Workload financial requirements

Our cloud optimization team takes these metrics and provides actionable, reliable and current insights so you have the most visibility into your environments and investments.

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