Private Equity Portfolio Operations

Operational Performance Metrics On-Demand.

Operational data analytics for private equity firms provide immediate and comprehensive insight into your portfolio companies’ performance.

These dashboards highlight key operational performance issues and opportunities for sales, marketing, manufacturing, supply chain, and more, enabling you to make more informed decisions and drive performance.

2nd Watch’s data and analytics consultants work with private equity companies and their portfolio companies to create on-demand private equity porfolio operations dashboards to put the key operational performance metrics at your fingertips.

Private Equity Data Strategy Benefits:

Digital Analytics Transformation

We shape and crystallize your vision and then share it across your organization. Learn More ⇒


Predictive Analytics

Use your portfolios’ current and historical operational data from multiple sources to predict and forecast future outcomes. Learn More ⇒

BI Platform Modernization

Bring your visualizations into the modern era by updating your BI tool to work with your cloud-based data warehouse. Learn More ⇒



Dashboard Template Accelerator

User-friendly private equity operational dashboard templates allow you to plug in your data and implement valuable dashboarding tools on an accelerated timeline. Learn More ⇒

Dashboard UI Design

Develop visually compelling financial dashboards that answer your questions quickly and effectively while also meeting your branding standards. Learn more ⇒

Embedded Analytics

Embedded analytics portals seamlessly integrate operational dashboards and reports into the internal and external applications and systems you already use. Learn More ⇒

Our Work

2nd Watch has helped private equity firms and their portfolio companies improve how they track, measure, and assess the operations of their portfolio companies. Read our financial and operational reporting success stories to learn more.

Scalable Financial Reporting to Support a Private Equity Roll-Up

2nd Watch helped a private equity firm’s finance team to streamline and scale the financial reporting process to reduce the time and complexity, and improve the accuracy, of their financial roll-up reports.

Modern Data Architecture and Analytics for Roll-Up Reporting

As a private equity firm acquired dealerships across the US, 2nd Watch helped them consolidate data from each location, standardize KPIs, and analyze data with user-friendly dashboards.

Smarter and Faster Investment Decisions

This real estate investing company needed a lead qualification engine that would automatically evaluate properties, enabling them to make smarter and faster real estate investment decisions.

Private Equity Operational Analytics Whiteboarding Session

Are you curious about the time, costs, and efforts of a centralized private equity business operations analytics solution?

Schedule a no-cost, no-obligation private equity whiteboarding session with one of our private equity analytics consultants.

Operational Analytics for Private Equity Firms

2nd Watch partners with many of the leading data and analytics technologies to deliver the operational dashboards your private equity firm needs to assess, manage, and draw focus to critical improvements in your portfolio companies.

2nd Watch’s private equity portfolio analytics and reporting solutions eliminate the need for slow-moving manual data collection and report creation. Our analytics consultants partner with stakeholders in finance, operations, and other vital areas of your business to build scalable reporting solutions and dashboards that deliver near-real-time insights on consistent and reliable data from across your portfolio.