Visual Analytics

Analytics Consulting.

Analytics. Dashboards. Visualizations. Business Intelligence. No matter what you call it, the ability to access, analyze, and uncover insights in your data is essential for today’s organizations.

2nd Watch’s analytics consulting builds solutions that transform your data into actionable intelligence. We streamline time-consuming reporting processes and discover a variety of visual insights, from historical trending to real-time data streaming. User-friendly dashboards enable everyone from analysts to executives to access data, run reports, and visualize data.

2nd Watch delivers data analytics services to a wide range of industries, including healthcare, insurance, legal, manufacturing, marketing, private equity, and retail.

Data Analytics Strategy Tools

2nd Watch offers a comprehensive range of analytics consulting services. With actionable insights presented
in a way that makes decision-making easier, less time-consuming, and more precise, you’ll see immediate improvements in productivity, efficiency, ROI, and – ultimately – your profits.

Data Analytics Transformation

Transform the way you analyze data with efficient, centralized access to your data and no IT bottleneck.
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Dashboard Template Accelerator

User-friendly dashboard templates allow you to plug in your data and implement valuable dashboarding tools on an accelerated timeline.
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Predictive Analytics

Use your current and historic data from multiple sources to predict and forecast future outcomes.


Dashboard UI Design

Develop visually compelling dashboards that answer your questions quickly and effectively while also meeting your branding standards.
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BI Platform Modernization

Bring your visualizations into the modern era by updating your BI tool to work with your cloud-based data warehouse.
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Embedded Analytics

Embedded analytics portals seamlessly integrate dashboards and reports into the internal and external applications and systems you already use.
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Modern Cloud Analytics Starter Kits

Data Management Quickstart Solutions

Jumpstart your business insights with a visualization quick start from 2nd Watch. In just a few weeks, you’ll have the foundation for powerful data analytics. 
Visual analytics allow leadership to better assess data and make decisions at a glance. Transform your business into a more agile enterprise with optimized analytics that help you to pivot strategies so you can capture every opportunity without hesitation.

At 2nd Watch, our analytics consulting services get you the results you need in the shortest time possible. With our wealth of industry experience and a high capacity for helping businesses take an individualized approach to use their data in the most advantageous way, you’ll see your ROI soar. If you want to truly gain the insights needed to meet and exceed your benchmarks, contact 2nd Watch today.

Featured Partners

2nd Watch partners with the top analytics and business intelligence technologies to build the right solution for your organization’s goals.