Application Development Services

Custom solutions built for your business needs.

In today’s fast-paced online world, applications and business processes must keep up with the ever-changing business needs to maintain their competitive edge. Enterprises must have robust, nimble internally and externally facing applications that can expand with their growing business taking advantage of modern technology stacks. 

A custom application may be the best fit for your organization when commercially available products do not meet your unique business needs. The only way to do this is through application development.

Application Development Services

What is Application Development?

Application development encompasses the entire lifecycle of custom solutions to fit your individual business needs, from UI/UX requirements and design to development and deployment.

This process includes building custom web and mobile applications, integrating existing applications within an enterprise, and leveraging your data in a custom and secure way.

But many organizations don’t have the time, resources, or skills to develop these modern applications in-house and need to leverage a trusted partner like 2nd Watch.

How We Help

2nd Watch’s technology-agnostic approach means we work with the platform that’s right for your business, no matter the project.

Our application development consultants have expertise across our various technology partnerships, allowing them to make the best recommendations for your specific project, ensuring long-lasting, business-impacting results.

2nd Watch’s application development team is experienced in crafting tailored solutions for projects including, but not limited to:


Streamlining business workflows


Automating manual routines


Integrating critical applications


Efficient workforce capacity and utilization.


Embedded analytics


Custom cloud applications

Application Development Service Offerings


Integrated Applications

Take full advantage of the benefits of the cloud while ensuring your on-premises applications are seamlessly integrated.

Custom Applications

Capitalize on new technologies with highly scalable applications tailored precisely to your business needs.

Embedded Analytics

Embedded analytics portals seamlessly integrate dashboards and reports into the internal and external applications and systems you already use.