Application Modernization Services

Go beyond the lift and shift.

Organizations face the impossible task of accelerating innovation and cost-effectiveness while maintaining—or improving—performance and reliability. Many of these companies are still running outdated systems and software, increasing their OpEx and putting their business at risk.

IT leaders recognize the imperative to modernize their legacy applications, citing the primary drivers as reducing their time to market, technical debt, and operating costs (2022 Pulse Survey).

What is Application Modernization?

Gartner defines application modernization as the migration of legacy to new applications or platforms, including the integration of new functionality to provide the latest functions to the business. Modernization can also involve shifting to a containerized or serverless architecture to consistently deploy application code and abstract applications from the underlying host environment making them more efficient than virtual machines.

Whether you’re planning a cloud migration or have already completed migrating, you must go beyond the “lift and shift” of your workloads and applications to realize all the benefits of the cloud. You need to transform your monolithic systems to a microservices architecture and modernize your legacy software to be cloud-native and agile.

Application modernization will increase your speed to market, improve your total cost of ownership (TCO), and deliver enhanced user experiences.

Application transformation is not without risk, and navigating the various options can be challenging. But the efforts can be a catalyst for your modernization projects, putting your company in a better position to compete and thrive.

Application Modernization services

How We Help

2nd Watch’s approach to modernization is to work alongside you and your organization’s stakeholders to conduct an application rationalization assessment of your existing portfolio to identify which you should keep, replace, retire, or consolidate. We then develop and implement a modernization strategy that best meets your business needs.



your business priorities and identify applications to strategically determine which ones to keep, replace, retire, or consolidate.


your unique balance of innovation, self-sufficiency, risk, and cost to achive your busines objectives.


where you are in your application modernizaton journey versus your desired state.



a progressive roadmap that will grow your cloud-native capabilities to match your business priorities.


a TCO analysis to realize the overall value of your modernization investment and recommend the best course of action.