Cloud Migration Services

Migrate to the cloud with confidence.


Moving your existing data and mission-critical workloads to the cloud is essential for the future success of your business. But there’s more to it than simply provisioning a server in the cloud.

There are many things to consider for your migration plan. From what to migrate, if a multi-cloud strategy is necessary, which cloud provider(s) to leverage for your target environments, the services you need for your operating environment, the architecture to deploy, and so. Much. More. 

Cloud services providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud all have unique capabilities that overwhelm even the most experienced IT organizations and business units. To achieve the cloud’s speed, agility, and cost-effective benefits, you need a combination of experience, automation, and proper planning.


How We Help

2nd Watch delivers a complete migration solution. We work with your team throughout the migration process to mitigate risk to your organization and increase your confidence in the public cloud. We have the expertise and tools to be your partner of choice and serve as your trusted advisor along your entire modernization journey.

the current state of your workloads and technology stacks to determine cloud readiness and cost, and advise on best practices to reduce risk and maximize cloud adoption benefits.

a well-architected cloud infrastructure model including account structure, security, access, networking, and migration operations.

the foundational cloud infrastructure, including necessary accounts and security controls and CI/CD pipelines where your applications will be hosted.

your workloads between clouds, and from on-premises or co-location facilities to the cloud into the secure foundational architecture.

your cloud environment to get maximum business value out of your cloud spend by collaborating on data-driven spending decisions

at the close of the project, we ensure your team has all the skills, tools, and documentation necessary to operate your cloud environment going forward.

Our cloud migration process is designed to successfully move entire data centers or individual workloads to and between public clouds, providing a predictable schedule and cost and a reliable OpEx forecast for post migration operations.

2nd Watch Cloud
Migration Services

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Cloud Migration Case Study:
Home Services Company

To improve cost efficiency, ensure business continuity, elevate user experience and business intelligence, and streamline acquisitions, this home services company wanted to migrate off their legacy on-premises data centers and into the cloud.

Application Modernization

2nd Watch Application Modernization Services focuses on helping you progress through your cloud adoption journey beyond migration – from evolving from a monolith to a microservice-oriented architecture to evolving applications to take advantage of managed cloud services to improving software development lifecycles.