Cloud Modernization Services

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Simplify, operate, and optimize your business to realize the full benefits of the cloud.

Transform user experiences

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Drive data-based decision-making

Organizations are striving to take advantage of the latest cloud technologies. However, outdated infrastructures, legacy software applications, and a shortage of application skills hinder their modernization efforts. In fact, in our recent survey of IT executives, 33% say the lack of skills or expertise is the biggest challenge they face on their modernization journey.

Your modernization strategy needs to include technology, process, and people to truly benefit from all the cloud has to offer.

2nd Watch
helps you tackle
the most difficult
cloud modernization


What approach to modernization should I take?


How do I develop a cost-effective modernization strategy?


How do I get buy-in for my modernization projects?


How do I choose which legacy applications to modernize?


What cloud service providers and services do I leverage?


How can I increase application adoption across my organization?

2nd Watch Cloud Modernization Services

Our modernization experts work side-by-side with you throughout your digital transformation to ensure your applications and data are running the way your business requires – fast and effectively.

We help you move data to and between public, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments, create or update your application portfolio strategy and management, accelerate your time to market, break down monoliths into microservices, and build application applications.

The possibilities are endless.


Your first step to cloud modernization begins here:


Confidently move your IT operations and workloads from on-premises or co-location facilities to the cloud quickly while maintaining business continuity.


Take inventory of your business applications and construct an application portfolio that improves operational efficiency, reduces complexity, and lowers your reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).


Embrace and implement DevOps practices for increased speed to market, engineering efficiency, and improved product quality.


Go beyond the “lift and shift” by modernizing and optimizing your legacy applications to realize the full value of migrating to the cloud.


Prepare your organization for an agile data-driven future of improved productivity, reduced TCO, and enhanced data analytics capabilities. 


Application Development

Experience all cloud benefits with modern applications built to support your business, from streamlining workflows and automating manual routines to integrating critical applications and more.

2nd Watch Cloud Modernization Services:

Cloud Migration

2nd Watch Cloud Migration Services focuses on completing your move to and between public clouds quickly and efficiently, without business interruptions. We designed our migration process to successfully move entire data centers or individual workloads, providing a predictable schedule and cost and a reliable OpEx forecast for post-migration operations.

Application Rationalization

Streamline your existing application portfolio to improve operational efficiency, reduce complexity, and lower your total cost of ownership (TCO). Application Rationalization from 2nd Watch determines which applications you should refactor, replatform, repurchase (drop and shop), rehost (lift and shift), relocate, retain, or retire.

DevOps Transformation

Evolve your company’s culture, automation and tooling, processes, collaboration, measurement systems, and organizational structure. 2nd Watch DevOps Transformation Services results in a strategy for where and how your team can apply and implement DevOps approaches.

Application Modernization

2nd Watch Application Modernization Services focuses on helping you progress through your cloud adoption journey beyond migration – from evolving from a monolith to a microservice-oriented architecture to evolving applications to take advantage of managed cloud services to improving software development lifecycles. 

Database Modernization

Your modern applications deserve modern databases. Database Modernization Services from 2nd Watch convert your underlying database(s) to managed open-source databases and transition existing monolithic relational databases to purpose-built ones to support your modern applications.

Application Development

Our Application Development Services concentrate on designing and building solutions customized for your business needs. From evaluating to recommending to deploying to optimizing, 2nd Watch ensures long-lasting, business-impacting results.

2nd Watch solutions are high-performing and robust. They increase operational excellence, decrease time to market, accelerate growth, and lower risk. 2nd Watch helps enterprises design, deploy, and manage cloud solutions and monitors business-critical workloads 24x7.