Co-Innovation Engineering

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation Initiatives.

Budget, cloud native skills, or strategic IT resources? What’s holding you back from achieving your strategic corporate initiatives? For most organizations embarking on a digital first strategy, finding the cloud native skills and the strategic IT resources to actuate true strategic change has been the defining roadblock.

To enable clients to accelerate their digital first strategy, 2nd Watch has developed the Continuous Engineering practice. This is not staff augmentation. Continuous Engineering enables companies to blend strategic guidance with actionable workstreams to achieve your goals.

CONTINUOUS ENGINEERING is a pattern of delivery by a POD structured extension of your team that provides flexible resourcing pools to rapidly accelerate your cloud initiatives and achieve your desired business outcomes.

Client Challenges / Goals:


Cloud first initiatives


Enhance in-house cloud skills / CCOE


Large backlog/tech-debt


Application modernization


Cloud security and governance




Optimization / Cost control (FinOps)


Multi-cloud adoption


Infrastructure scalability

POD Teams

POD Leader

Integrated with your CCoE and dedicating at least 20-hours per week to consulting, architecting, and assisting with overall cloud adoption strategy

Core Consultant

Part of the 2W Continuous Engineering Core team that acts as a continuous extension of your team

Felixible Resource

Brought in by POD Leader with the specific skillsets needed to achieve upcoming  sprint goals or business objectives

Our approach has been designed through the culmination of years of experience delivering successful outcomes in cloud infrastructure, DevOps, application development, and security.​

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