Dashboard Template Accelerator

Modern Analytics and Reporting.

Using our proprietary reporting framework, 2nd Watch can quickly implement valuable dashboarding tools for your organization. 2nd Watch’s dashboard template is built around common data models, so all you need to do is plug in your data and start driving your business with ready-made dashboards.

If you aren’t looking for custom end-to-end dashboards, our dashboard template can dramatically accelerate your time-to-insight, while still providing robust visuals.

For example, you may need more intuitive sales and financial dashboards and don’t have time to waste building dashboards from scratch. (After all, time is money.)

We can input your data into our dashboard template to set your organization on the path to improved sales performance.

2nd Watch’s dashboard template offers a variety of benefits for organizations that want to quickly harness the power of their data:


Quick Turnaround: Because we’re building off of standard dashboard templates, all we need is your data in the predetermined format and we can plug in and go.


Effortless Design: Your dashboards will “pop” with our tested design standards, while also incorporating your branding.


Proven Results: Our team has worked through both the design and the business use cases with previous clients, so we’re prepared to discuss how your design preferences fit with best practices.


Advanced Security: Security and other advanced features are built-in, requiring minimal additional development time.

Contact us to discuss how using 2nd Watch’s dashboard template can accelerate your time-to-insight.

Modern Cloud Analytics Starter Kit

Dashboards Powered by Snowflake and Tableau

Snowflake and Tableau make a powerful pair in the analytics world. Snowflake was built to handle large volumes of data and Tableau complements it by enabling simple, insightful visualizations in real-time.

With increased speed-to-insight and clearer representation of key metrics, leadership can make decisions at a glance that will help your company meet and exceed your benchmarks.


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