Dashboard UI Design

Modern Analytics and Reporting.

Dashboards can provide essential insights that help your business thrive – but only if the dashboard user interface (UI) meets your users’ needs. Confusing user journeys and time-consuming processes contribute to inadequate user adoption, making your dashboards useless.

With a dashboard UI design project, 2nd Watch works with you to develop visually compelling dashboards that answer your questions quickly and effectively while also meeting your branding standards.

We start by sitting down with your business users to determine their dashboard must-haves. We also seek to understand the data gaps impacting their ability to answer questions.

The 2nd Watch team then develops and rolls out expert-level dashboards that meet UI/UX best practices with a design that “pops.”

Skillful dashboard UI design can result in a variety of key benefits for your organization:


Quick dashboard development cycles, from wireframing to user acceptance testing.


Dashboards that “pop,” making them more appealing to users and stakeholders.


Fewer clicks to reach the answers to your questions.


Intuitive user journeys that guide users to relevant insights with minimal distractions.


Gaining the answer to the “why,” rather than just the “what”.


Increased user adoption of dashboarding tools.

Contact us to discuss how using 2nd Watch’s dashboard UI design can lead your business users to find the answers they need from your data

Modern Cloud Analytics Starter Kit

Dashboards Powered by Snowflake and Tableau

Snowflake and Tableau make a powerful pair in the analytics world. Snowflake was built to handle large volumes of data and Tableau complements it by enabling simple, insightful visualizations in real-time.

With increased speed-to-insight and clearer representation of key metrics, leadership can make decisions at a glance that will help your company meet and exceed your benchmarks.


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