Data Integration

A Reliable View of All Your Data.

Disparate source systems function in isolation. For example, your sales team may use Salesforce to track orders while your operations team uses your ERP. These systems often use different units, reference codes, descriptions, and languages. As individual lines of business report on data from their siloed applications, key performance indicators can be calculated and interpreted inconsistently, creating an inaccurate view of your company.

2nd Watch is the leading data integrator for companies looking to consolidate disparate information sources. We have built data integration strategies for companies across various industries and levels of data maturity.

Our data integration strategy reduces lead time by automating repetitive tasks and creates a platform that is effective for years to come.


2nd Watch ETL Toolkit™ to speed up process and increase auditing power.


Integration of any number of sources to a centralized data hub.


End-game integration to a data warehouse and other target systems.

Modern Data Platform Quickstart

Data-Driven Business in 6 Weeks

Data-driven decisions require the ability to quickly and reliably analyze all of your data. Building a modern data foundation for business intelligence and predictive analytics will ensure your organization can make better decisions now and in the future.