Data Management Consulting

Insight-Ready Data Management Services.

Data-driven insights are a must to remain competitive in today’s business landscape. Reliable insights require quick access to high-quality data from all your organization’s data sources.

The real benefit of data management consulting is that it provides a strategy that can be integrated across your enterprise.

This is critical. Without a strategy, you’ll be gaining information, but unable to translate the sheer volume of data to ROI and growth-focused insights using analytics and data science.

Aptitive’s data management consultants work with you to build a solution that ensures your team has access to clean and reliable data to achieve your business goals. Our modern data solutions ensure your data is insight-ready and can be visualized in popular BI and analytics tools like Tableau, Looker, Qlik, Power BI, and more.

As a tech-agnostic service provider, we can build a modern data management system on Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud with any of the most in-demand data technologies like Snowflake. Plus, we research data management technologies as they’re introduced and developed to provide the best data management and analytics solutions. Some of the industries we work with include healthcare, retail, marketing, manufacturing, private equity, legal, and insurance.

Data Analytics Strategy Tools

Data Strategy

Create a plan to get from your current state to your end goal.
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Data Governance

Drive compliance through documented definitions, roles, and security.
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Data Integration

Enable a single source of truth from multiple disparate systems.


Data Migration

Move data from one system to another or from on-prem to the cloud.
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Data Warehousing

Improve access to consistent, accurate, and analytics-ready data.
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Data Modernization

Access and optimize data from legacy systems for modern usage.
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Data Management and Analytics Starter Kits

Data Management Quickstart Solutions

Data-driven decisions require the ability to quickly and reliably analyze all of your data. Building a modern data foundation for business intelligence and predictive analytics will ensure your organization can make better decisions now and in the future.

Featured Partners

Aptitive partners with the top data technologies to build the right solution for your organization’s goals, including big data management consulting.