Data Science

Become More Competitive in a Data-Driven World.

Your data holds the promise of deep insights, improved operations, and much more. Realizing those possibilities requires a data science solution unique to your needs.

Our data science consulting teams include business-savvy data scientists and data science analysts who can quickly understand your business challenges and implement a data science solution focused on actionable results and ROI. Together we’ll unlock the ability to quickly analyze and visualize complex data sets resulting in:

  • Reduced reporting time and increased productivity
    Centralized data and a single source of truth
  • Insights designed to help you make data-driven decisions and take action
  • Recommendations based on past interactions and trends in your data

Data science, when approached with a business goal in mind, has the capacity to improve sales and marketing efforts, streamline workflows, improve financial reporting and analysis, and optimize operations.

2nd Watch’s data science consulting services design end-to-end data science strategies and leverage modern technologies to create data-driven business solutions to achieve your goals.

Data Science and Advanced
Analytics Services


Predictive Analytics

Use your current and historic data from multiple sources to predict and forecast future outcomes.



Data-Driven Testing and Design

Test and explore variables in your business and use data to drive better results and innovation.


Data Discovery

Find deeper insights, hidden correlations, and unexpected trends in your data.

Machine Learning and AI

Partner with experienced data scientists to enable machine learning and AI solutions to improve your decision-making.

Automated Decision-Making

Leverage the power of machine learning and automation to make faster and more accurate decisions.

Data Science Enablement

Accelerate your ML/AI, advanced analytics, and other data science initiatives with our data science enablement team.

Data Science for Business — Starter Kits

Data Science and Data Analytics Solutions in 6-8 Weeks

Jumpstart your data-driven initiative with a data science starter kit from 2nd Watch. In just 6-8 weeks, our data science consultants will build the foundation of machine learning, advanced data science analytics, or other data science solutions to help you achieve your goals and outperform the competition.

Data science is beneficial for virtually every type of business model, function, and industry, including:

  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Private equity
  • E-commerce
  • Traditional retail
  • Legal services
  • Supply chain and logistics

At 2nd Watch, we create custom data science strategies and solutions based on your unique business objectives, industry, and function.

While out-of-the-box data science solutions and technologies can help make data science a reality (without hiring an army of data scientists), they are only as good as the strategy, the use case, and the implementation behind them.

2nd Watch has partnerships with many of the leading self-service data science and automated machine learning technologies used across various other data science consulting firms, all under one roof. Our data science analytics team can help you build a results-focused strategy, select the right tools, and roll them out to ensure user adoption and long-term success.

Your business is unique. Your data science approach should reflect your strengths.

Featured Partners

2nd Watch partners with the top data science and advanced analytics technologies to build the right solution for your organization’s goals.