Database Modernization Services

Future-proof your data strategy.

Keeping up with technology in this ever-changing world can be difficult, and modernizing your environment is part of that evolution. However, modernization doesn’t only apply to applications that drive your business. You also need to modernize the databases behind those applications to fully reap the cloud’s cost savings, performance, and scalability benefits.

What is Database Modernization?

Database modernization is the process of converting your underlying database(s) like Oracle and MS SQL to managed open-source relational databases (RDBs) like MySQL and PostgresSQL. Database modernization also includes transitioning from monolithic relational databases to purpose-built ones, like NoSQL, for microservices.

Database modernization allows you to reduce database licensing costs and, through serverless technology, eases the burden of database administration. It increases the time architects and developers spend on high-value projects such as developing innovative applications.

Database modernization projects may include:

  • Refactoring existing applications to reduce the load on the database itself.
  • Rehosting on a cloud-based no-code database to reduce operational overhead and improve agility.
  • Replatforming the database to decrease licensing costs and increase scalability.

How We Help



your database assets and perform an application discovery.


 the source schema to work in the target environment and update associated applications and queries for compatiblity.


infrastructure and applications using DevOps automation and Infrastructure as Code (IAC).



your teams to upskill and utilize cloud-native database technologies and practices


using tools to proactively identify and understand any potential database concerns.


to ensure you realize the biggest benefits of cloud by lowering your cost and transforming to cloud-native.

2nd Watch Database Modernization Services ensure a seamless database transformation that minimizes risks and downtime throughout your modernization journey: