DevOps Transformation

Evolve your cloud journey.

We are living in a digitally transforming world. With that, the pressure to cut expenses, minimize risk, and keep up with the demands of your clients requires you to take a holistic approach to modern technology and digital transformation. To remain competitive, you must transform how you build and deliver software. Embracing and implementing DevOps in your organization can accelerate the process and drive business outcomes.

What is DevOps?

DevOps unites software development and operations teams to shorten the development lifecycle. Through continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines, you can focus on delivering high-quality software.


A successful DevOps approach combines cultural philosophies, practices, and tools to strengthen your organization’s ability to drive higher software delivery and organizational performance.

Following DevOps practices evolve and improve your products faster, providing enhanced customer experiences and a sharp competitive edge.

DevOps isn’t something you purchase. It’s a movement to adopt change, and change is never easy. Especially alone. The DevOps experts at 2nd Watch will be by your side as your trusted advisor to help you through every stage of your transformation.

How We Help

An enterprise DevOps transformation involves adopting a set of cultural values and organizational practices that improve business outcomes. It increases collaboration and continuous feedback between Business Stakeholders, Development, QA, IT Operations, and Security. This change includes an evolution of your company culture, automation and tooling, processes, collaboration, measurement systems, and organizational structure—in short, things you cannot accomplish through automation alone.

Our DevOps Transformation process begins with a complete assessment and strategy. We measure your current software development and operational maturity and develop a transformation strategy for applying DevOps approaches.

2nd Watch leverages DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) best practices and metrics to measure your team’s software development and delivery performance. The data-driven results provide a baseline for intelligently deciding where and how to make improvements.

We also use the CALMS framework to assess your company’s ability to adopt DevOps processes and as a way to measure success during the transformation.



DevOps is more than a process, is a culture change. Development and Operations professionals must collaborate for success.



Eliminate repetitive work, employ repeatable processes, and create resilient and reliable systems.



Continuously improve and embrace failure by building software for fast error detection and rapid recovery.



It’s all about the data! Use insights to help your team make decisions and provide information that supports your roadmap.



Find common ground between development and operations teams by sharing responsibility and success.

Tools are crucial to your DevOps transformation journey. Our team is well-versed in various technologies to help you automate, manage, and monitor your application lifecycle, allowing you to increase customer satisfaction while meeting your business objectives.